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Mod settings across different saves

SimpkinSimpkin Posts: 7,017 Member
I've only played one save since the release of the game but I just wanted to ask if there's a mod with the ability to change it's settings within the game, do the mod settings apply to single save or all saves when changed?
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  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,036 Member
    Mods cross over to all saves. If you want to create a save without mods, then start the game with mods disabled before you load the "unmodded" save game file.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,079 Member
    There's no universal answer to this. It depends on the mod. Some mods apply their settings throughout the entire game and others apply them to saves. I would imagine that most of them do the former, though.
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,131 Member
    edited April 17
    MCCC has a companion tool called MC Profiler that allows you to save different settings files. It overwrites the setting file via a launcher when you load from this program.

    It just means you have to decide what save to play before launching and restarting the game if you want to switch save games.
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