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What happened to your Newbie family?

I was very nostalgic when I downloaded the Newbies for Sims 4. I haven't seen since Sims 1 (they're dead in Sims 2 and in Sims 3, they're teens... but I hardly recognized them...).

They had picnics in pj, I truly tried to make them low-income, Betty watched a lot of romance on TV, Bob loved to read. Eventually, I tried giving him a job as a security guard in Superstars and Betty once started a home business of jam cans.

I always found weird they got a house in Goth's land. Why? How? Subsidies?
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  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 404 Member
    Bob always seemed like a lazy slob who didn't work and watched TV all day. One time I played them, Betty studied alchemy and changed his personality, but I realized she loves the big lug just the way he is.
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