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What happened to your Goth family?

I always played Cassandra as a sort of psychic little girl... Imagined if she had visions of all the Sims alternate realities and could see all the possibilities from every player? :P I could picture her asking advises to deceased family members and having some magic power. She was neglected by her parents (her father too busy with his experiments and her mother, too snob, she would have required a nanny). She ate a lot of cookies and chips since kids couldn't cook anything back then. She did her best to succeed in school.

Mortimer tried to be a nice father and water is plant, but sometimes did weird experiments and turned into a zombie and put fire to the house and burnt himself to death.

I always pictured Bella as a witch. I once made her a rich "pink" sister. She had affairs and once even became an actress. She enjoyed playing piano. She spent little time with her daughter as kids weren't "neat" enough. She was profoundly annoyed by the tragic clown. Her rare attempts at cooking often ended up in kitchen fire and she burnt herself to death many times...
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  • Endless_DaysEndless_Days Posts: 40 Member
    Cassandra's a vampire comedian and the rest are dead.
  • tarcottitarcotti Posts: 5 New Member
    HA! I had the parents neglect the child, and had the mother cheat on Mortimer with the rest of the neighborhood. Then killed her by placing her in a room with a stereo and nothing else (no door or anything). She deserved it for sure. What a hussie.
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 404 Member
    Mortimer and Bella had six children and were very happy. They were always a bit creepy and kooky, but very much in love. The rest of the children loved the house, but Cassandra inherited it when the time came. She was a witch who married a crazy scientist. No matter how busy they were, the whole family, Mortimer, Bella, children and grandchildren got together every full moon to talk to their dead relatives and have a picnic in the moonlight in the cemetery.
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