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Fashionography Cycle 1 - A2 Up! Extension for Late Entries

MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 5,880 Member
Welcome to Fashionography!

This is a high fashion editorial competition meant to push your skills to their limits and bring out your creativity! We have 6 assignments ranging from semi-easy to hard with varying themes that are more geared towards Intermediate levels, but are meant to encourage all levels to do their best (and of course I'm here to provide tutorials, etc.). Regardless of your level, if you want to join I highly recommend doing so as this will be great practice for you! Remember that it’s about the journey and having fun, not winning, and if you remember that you will have fun regardless of your scoring and placement in the end.

And for those of you who do not know what an editorial is, the difference between regular fashion vs high fashion, or in general lack knowledge on modeling competitions, I recommend referring to my tutorial here that comes in 3 parts:
Part 1Body Shot Types & Cropping
Part 2Themes (including editorials)
Part 3Other Requirements
It will help prepare you for the assignments ahead and help you understand what to expect. You are not required to read these, but they will most likely help you if you are only used to pageant or regular competitions.

I also recommend you go shopping for unique poses and clothes, because your casual poses and fashion will not get you far in this comp. We’re looking for the most fashionable and unique models, so get your wardrobe ready! http://sssvitlans.tumblr.com, aka Lana CC, has tons of poses (and other CC) that are categorized neatly. I recommend checking their page out for your future shopping sprees. ;)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MizziesComps
Discord: https://discord.gg/XwZEsj5

General Rules
  • All competitions are hosted on the Official Sims Forums (where Sims competitions originally started), Discord, and Twitter, though Twitter is mostly used to promote and announce updates. You can use or switch between any platform, though let me know if you switch so there’s no confusion. Click for Twitter or Click for Discord
  • Prizes for each competition may differ, but the Final 3 (or more) will always receive a banner/signature for memories and to display their win/placement. Roles will also be given on Discord.
  • Public voting will never be used to determine the winner of a competition.
  • All Sims games can compete, Sims 2, 3, or 4!
  • All editing/competing levels and styles are welcome! Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, No CC, Maxis Match, Alpha, Cartoonish, Realism, etc.
  • Feedback is given in every competition to help you improve, unless otherwise stated. Judges can skip feedback if it causes anxiety/stress or they are busy atm, otherwise feedback will be provided. Contestants can opt out of feedback as well, but this is for the entire competition and not per round. You may change your mind later.
  • Remember that we do not permanently alter the genetics in competitions. Hair color/style is the only exception, everything else is temporary.
  • Sims/models must be of your own creation, unless you have permission from a creator to use theirs. Sims/models may be re-used or new.
  • NO use of human or art body parts, or art abuse, in any competition (aka photoskinning, face/bodyplastering, or simmerizing, etc.). High quality stock/Google hair, objects/accessories, and clothes are fine in the appropriate competition. If you do clothes manipulate them onto the Sims body, not the other way around.
  • NO copying. Each entry should be unique but accidents are normal, even in DM only comps. If you are hesitant to post publicly DM your entries to me, but I promise that copying results in punishment and you have nothing to worry about.
  • NO cheating. This includes having other people edit for you. No one should ever do that for you in any competition, regardless of the excuse or host saying otherwise. These are competitions, meaning you are competing with your talents and creativity, not someone else’s.
  • NO re-using renders/images from previous competitions.
  • Full redo’s/resubmissions are not allowed. One time edits (lighting, shadows, crops, text, etc.) are allowed. Inform me when you do so I can update everything.
  • Extensions need to be asked for at least 8+ hours in advance. Extensions last for 1 day unless you absolutely need more time.
  • Late submissions are accepted if you submit before the judges get back to me, otherwise you will either be eliminated or receive the lowest rank, depending on the competition.
  • If you are traveling/going on vacation, please inform me so I can send you the assignments before you leave. Do not talk about, or send, the assignments you received to other contestants.
  • Please do not drop if you score badly (or in general unless it is a good reason) because you won’t improve by doing that. Each competition offers different challenges that help you grow and quitting early stumps growth. Use the feedback and resources to improve yourself, and don’t get disheartened if you do score badly. Trust me, we've all been there before.
  • If you have questions or concerns, message me!

Competition Info
  • I highly recommend using females, but males are welcome if you want the challenge. Any size, YA only. No supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi/etc. sims, and no berry sims.
  • A max of 15 contestants will be allowed. Extended to 20! 2 models max per contestant, and they will not be counted towards the total to ensure that everyone who wants to join can join. I recommend sticking with 1 model, especially if you are a lower level.
  • There is no roleplaying or storytelling required in this comp, unless you choose to do so.
  • CC is **highly** recommended, but not required. Alpha or MM accepted.
  • Editing is technically required for most rounds, but if you think you can manage with in-game shots you are welcome to try. You are allowed to draw. All levels are welcome, but this comp is meant to be challenging so probably isn’t beginner friendly. Give it your best shot though if you’re interested! It will give you a lot of experience regardless.
  • High quality Google/stock is allowed for hair, clothes, and accessories. Remember, no human or human-art parts, faceplastering, simmerizing, etc. If your assignment looks like face or bodyplastering (aka like you only placed the sims face/parts over the person’s body/clothes/image), etc. you will be required to redo it. Clothes are manipulated onto the sim’s body, not the sim being cloned onto another person’s body (or image).
  • Please do not copy ideas from other people in magazines, online, in shows, etc. It’s okay to be inspired (meaning similar idea), but if you’re copying majority of everything including the pose, accessories, background, etc., you’re just copying someone else and being uncreative (not to mention I may have seen the image you are copying and it won’t be new or impressive to me). Just like you are not allowed to copy contestants, don’t do the same to someone else out there.
  • Assignments will be 7 days long unless something causes this to change.
  • This is a non-cumulative (aka no “leaderboard”) competition with eliminations. There will only be 6 rounds for this competition, with the semi-finals in round 5 and the Final 3 competing in round 6. Eliminations start round 2.
  • Please see the Scoring section and/or #results channel for information on the scoring rubric, score breakdown, and tips.
Application Head Shot:
Submit a captivating transparent headshot with bare shoulders. Keep the styling and makeup simple and natural. No large accessories (purses, headphones, umbrellas, backpacks, etc.), no dramatic filters (B&W, neon, aged, etc.), and no text. Eye contact not required. Simple accessories (aka jewelry) are allowed, just make sure they aren’t distracting.

When posting please give your models name.

Due Date: April 23rd (Click the red text for a timer)


⚜️ @gardenGothic (Booky)
Application Submitted
⚜️ @silverdust with Arabella
⚜️ @jilliebee22 (Jillie) with Rylie Walker
⚜️ Joey with Haven Martindale
Assignment Submitted
⚜️ @Jendowoz0612 (Jendowoz) with Bailee Patten
⚜️ @MyFavoritedesign (Angela) with Martha Tyson
⚜️ @TexasTwangTonya (Tonya) with Sawyer Avery
⚜️ Jessa with Jessa Iowa
⚜️ WillMal13 with Diana Pancakes
⚜️ @abelhinha35 with Lindy Swartz
⚜️ Dropbearsim with Sinead Kavanagh
⚜️ @Penguinwa101 with Emily Thomas
⚜️ Gee with Nicole Fernandez
⚜️ Jake with Lauren Weathers

@MizoreYukii @themelonic Willeekmer Frankivalerie @xJojox

You will need early Intermediate experience (meaning just beginning Intermediate techniques) or higher to apply (if you are unsure of your level, ask). I will take a max of 4 judges, for a total of 5. Please only apply if you have time to judge, meaning you can score 90% of the rounds.
Head Shot: [Transparent background, somewhat fierce and fashionable styling/posing.]
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