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New to mods

Hi, I’m really new to mods and have actually never used them in my game because I’m scared it will ruin the gameplay and slow it down. However I really want to start and give it a try!

I have a question - by using cc on my sims, will my children still look gentically like their parents like they would without using cc????


  • skullah11skullah11 Posts: 72 Member
    I’m having massive issues with this. I have Sims with CC everything and their kids look nothing like them. I have the same CC for Toddlers/kids/teens where possible and it doesn’t help at all. I still can’t work out how to fix it with doing it myself in CAS. It’s very frustrating.
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 3,435 Member
    edited April 11
    Mods and CC will inevitably slow your game down with the more you add.

    My Sims children still look like them even with the CC I have. Maybe if you have some CC eyes or eye colors or something like that then it won’t transfer to the kids but I don’t use those so I wouldn’t know.

    I have a height mod and when my Sim has kids and they grow up, the kids will be taller or shorter like their parents so that’s cool.
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  • silverdustsilverdust Posts: 34 Member
    Mine still look like their parents, but I usually have to change the coloring of the child's eyes, hair, and sometimes skin to look like the parents. Their main features should be inherited, though, regardless.
    Also, like @Chazzzy said, they will slow your game down, so if you don't have a strong computer, I'd suggest removing a few things.
  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,036 Member
    CC is not equated in the genetic inheritance system. Even if you make your sim in CAS with all CC, the game will only pass on Maxis content to the children. If there is no Maxis content to reference, the game will then randomly select genetic traits from the maxis library.
  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 90 Member
    if you are using a lot of CC considere disable them to random sims, you can do this with a click on Sim4Studio, it even will backup the mod folder for you. if you dont have CC enabled for random and do not use a lot of script mods, you prb wont get lagging, even using 10GB of CC.
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