Medieval Makeover of Willow Creek

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I started a makeover of Willow Creek because I love medieval/fantasy type games. This lot is for the Starter neighbourhood beginning at Bargain Bend and going clockwise around the street. @Jendowoz0612 has made the households to go with the builds but you will need to turn on the CC checkbox as she uses a default eye colour replacement. It will automatically go back to the EA default when you download them so don't worry about not having the CC.

You can see more photos of the builds here.

Apple Cider Farm

An apple orchard for the Carpenter family. This has 2 bedrooms and an internal bathroom. The shed out back has a bar for learning mixology.


Herbalist's Cottage

Designed for the Carmen household it has a single bed only as she is a rather lovelorn herbalist.


Honeypot Flower Farm

A small cottage with 1 double bed designed for beekeeping and flower arranging skills. The Guinn household was made for this.


The Stables

A one room cottage but large enough for a double and a toddler bed which can be easily changed to a single if necessary. Jen has made the Abidan household for this build.


Crestwood Farm

This farm is in 3 sections with main living and parents sleeping quarters in the main build. The children's sleeping quarters in the second part and ablutions/shed in the last part. The Belmont family live here with their twins and two dogs.


I shall be adding to this thread as I continue to build the rest of the community. Next I will be filling in the Community Area which will become the Docks. Haven't decided fully what will be there but we will find at least a tavern (bar) and an inn (cafe). :)

This is a link to @aussiekarima post with the links to some medieval type CC
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    They look great together, @sawdust, having fun playing them too! <3

    Just an heads up. I have only made the everyday outfits so that if you want the Sims you can dress them how you want for the other outfits.

    We make a great team, @sawdust! ;)

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    Oh so that's what you meant. I thought you meant you didn't make anymore than the first everyday outfit but did the rest. Don't ask me why I thought that. It does explain why there were some odd choices. It didn't seem to match what I have come to expect from you. :)

    On a side note ... I'd love to get that forge made as CC. (drool) ;)
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    Yes that would be awesome, it looks excellent, @sawdust

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    These look great I might have to borrow a few!
    Yes a forge would be awesome....but then so would horses *sighs*
    "Carmen household it has a single bed only as she is a rather lovelorn herbalist."....hmmm I smell a witch!
    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup
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    Some interesting things going on :) It's a nice project !
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    Thank you, @Nazgune Sawdust is a very gifted builder, and I love making Sims so we combined the two and came up with these.
    I added a pond and some of my realistic cc animals to Crestwood Farm. Here is a shot. @sawdust suggested I take a picture, so here it is.


    This is the Guinn's enjoying their first meal after moving into their new home.

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    How about a link to the farm animals @Jendowoz0612? And you forgot to adjust the roof where you've dragged the wall out. :)

    I didn't experience any difficulty getting to the bed. I did have to make several adjustments first though.

    ps. If anyone does d/l them and use them in game, I'm happy if you want to share any of your pics in this thread especially if you add CC or use your own Sims.
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    Sure, they are here...

    Farm Animals by Severinka

    Her horses are here...and I used them in the stable

    Horses by Severinka

    Brittpinkiesims does excellent zoo animals that she converted from Zoo Tycoon, @sawdust that I put in your zoo you made a while back. You can find them here...

    Zoo animals by brittpinkiesims

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    Here is Molly and Simon having some fun with the horseshoe throwing game.

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    This looks amazing!
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    Thanks, @Teweesa for your nice comments. Sawdust has always been a talented builder and I love making Sims.

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    The next section isn't too far away .. a week maybe? :) I need to do some testing on club rules as one of the lots is a lounge that will be the Merchants Guild headquarters and incorporate the Thieves Guild in the basement.
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    So here is the next installment of my medieval makeover in Willow Creek. This area is the default Community area. I consider this the docks area. Beginning on the left side we have the Royal Flag Inn (cafe), the Captain's Boarding House (residential), the Merchant's Guild (lounge) and the Sailor's Rest Tavern (bar).

    You can see more pictures here.


    The Royal Flag Inn has rooms at the back that are unfurnished but can be used for club meetings which, is how I intend to use them. It has a Puppet Theatre for the kids on the grounds and is next to the Pirate Ship play equipment. I intend to install a Mod that allows children to purchase from the Barista but if you don't like mods, there is usually a food vendor that automatically gets placed in that general area so your children won't go hungry.


    The Captain's Boarding House is a residential lot with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. @Jendowoz0612 (Origin ID: Jendowoz) has created three households for me all of which will fit on the second floor so you can put more in the 2 downstairs bedrooms, one of which has a double bed and the other, 2 single beds.


    These are the 3 households:

    Jebadiah Ames and his grandson Bryson.


    Molly Dyson


    Simon Willingham


    The Merchant's Guild is a lounge set up for hosting a Merchant Guild Club as well as the normal lounge activities. In the basement is a room set up for a Thieve's Guild Club that can be accessed from outside only and for Club members only.


    The Sailor's Rest Tavern is a bar with the normal bar activities.


    Next area to cover will be where the Pancake household are by default.
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    Marvelous job by far <3<3<3 Love that kind of "genre" myself too!!! I so wish TS4 would get a farm/ranch and medieval EPs or GPs and SPs!
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    Thanks @Gwiniel. Yes I would love to see that too. Bring back nectar making and archery would be a good start. It's a pity their First Pet pack wasn't a Farm pack instead, it may have gone down better. :)
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    This is so pretty! I loved!
  • BrittaBritta Posts: 23 Member
    This is really cool! I love seeing what people do with a historical take in the sims. Love the Tudor-style homes!
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    Thank you for your kind words, @leosimsbr and @Britta and @Gwiniel. Sawdust is an amazing builder and I love making Sims so we make good partners in ventures like this. <3

    We'll keep liking your comments too, @Britta so you can meet membership status soon.

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    Here is the third installment of my Medieval makeover of Willow Creek. This section is where the Pancake household live by default.

    Beginning at the smallest lot and working clockwise is: The Parsonage; Miller's Cottage; Watermill Cottage; Holdsworth Manor (across the road); Parish Church (Park).

    You can see more pictures here.


    The Parsonage is a 2 bed (one is a loft bed), 1 bath home. The kitchen is separate from the main living/dining/study area.


    @Jendowoz0612 (Origin ID Jendowoz) has created the Parson of Holdsworth for this lot.


    Miller's Cottage is a 3 bed, 1 bath cottage that can house 4/5 Sims. It is home to the Miller who utilises the windmill out back to grind the flour. (well, he would if we had working windmills and wheat fields ;))


    @Jendowoz0612 has created the Miller household for this lot


    Watermill Cottage is a 4 bed, 2 bath cottage (including the renovated watermill out back) and can house up to eight Sims. The creek that fed the Mill dried up almost a century ago due to an earthquake diverting the water source.


    @Jendowoz0612 has created the Caldwell family for this lot. If you download her household Ellen Caldwell is carrying a little surprise. :)


    Holdsworth Manor is a 3 bed, 3 bath Manor house with a central Great Hall flanked on one side by the parlour and library and the other side is the kitchen and informal living. Bedrooms are upstairs.

    @Jendowoz0612 has created three households for this lot. Lord and Lady Holdsworth; Sir Horvath (knight) and his Page Tomas Watkins and Mother and daughter Audra and Pamela Munson who act as servants.




    Lastly is a community lot, the Parish Church (park). Here the community can come together for spiritual and social events. The Church houses a wedding arch and podium for inspiring speeches. There is also a Tithing Barn for holding receptions. Just bring your own cake!

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    Here are some shots on how they are settling in.

    Lord and Lady Holdsworth are welcoming their new staff to the Manor. Audra cooked delicious vegetable dumplings.


    The Caldwells, enjoyed fruit salad for breakfast made up of fruit from their own yard. Poor Kate was having a mood swing. Lewis found it amusing. "Just wait until you're a teenager, brat!"


    All Emily wanted to do was feel the baby kick!


    Penelope cooked a delicious salad from home-grown vegies, while Randall helped Nerida then Hazel with their homework.


    Meanwhile, Parson Holdsworth, sat in front of his fire reading the good book as he did every day.


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    Lovely @Jendowoz0612. :) You might have to put the toddler bed in the family inventory when the babies born as I'm not sure there is enough room for a bassinet without everyone tripping over it. Kate will be thrilled being woken up by a baby each night! LOL
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    @sawdust I have moved the dresser over in mum and dad's bedroom and it fitted just inside the doorway. I'll probably have to age up the baby as I have set the game for long life.

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    ~ Lovely, have both done an amazing job at transforming an EA hood into something so serine & tranquil, can I download that Hood (as a game save!) or just everything separate?
    ~ Love everything you have both done, I myself started a Medieval make over of Windenburge but the builds are still not finished (finished but not placed or should I say not put in Windenburge! I just hope they are not game saves that have disappeared from my hard drive in the change over of the PC upgrade!), & some are in the Gallery, so all is not lost,as I know how long I waste on building each lot!
    ~ As I said you both have a beautiful Collaboration here & I will download it & play! @sawdast123 & @Jendowoz0612
    ~ I know there is a working canning station at MTS, & I know a few things have been re-purposed for Sims 4 as Medieval everyday house hold Furniture to work as Computers & such, the animations are of but they work,they (modders) did a similar thing in Sims 2 & 3) I am using a Dry Sink & Meat locker(A Fridge, it looks like a cupboard, but with metal punched fronts on them) out of one Medieval set,when Sawdust mention she was building a Medieval Hood I looked for a few hours & found a heap of stuff that looks good & works in-game! (as I said some of the animations are a bit off,but they work!) If you like I can get links,if that is allowed!
    Gallery Link-aussiekarima

  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,197 Member
    Love the links, @aussiekarima. For the gallery I've kept CC out of it, but somewhere along the line I must have downloaded replacement eyes but they are the only CC that I know of on the Sims and the eyes change to generic ones once in the game. Sometime I will be upgrading all the Sims with CC but for now I'm playing them as they are.

    I saw the canning station and it works really well. I have downloaded that. <3<3

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    @aussiekarima Thanks for your comments. At present it is only the individual pieces but I am saving it as I go for a "starting save game". Once finished I will keep a copy of that and make a new save for playing. I'm happy to share the save game once I have it but I have no idea where I can put it for downloading as I don't have any share file capabilities. I don't want to register somewhere just to load one file.

    I have been scouring the net for CC and have seen the pieces you mentioned. When I last looked (about a week ago) the canning station was broken but I intend to get it if it's updated. (April 19 patch broke it I believe). I have already put some CC into my game files (not actual game to play) and drool while I'm building knowing I must refrain from using it as I want to load only CC free content to the Gallery.

    I've refrained from putting in mods at this stage as they are more likely to break things with any patches between now and when I'm finished but once done I will mod the game heavily. Suggestions are welcome. ;)

    My biggest problem though once I finish is, "who will I play first?" @Jendowoz0612 does such a great job. I give her sometimes only the briefest description and it's like she looks into my mind for she creates the exact look I want.

    I'm trying to push through as quick as I can so I can play and see how it will work out. Careers are the hardest thing to organise as so many require modern technology and I am trying to avoid the existing careers as well.
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