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Medieval Makeover of Willow Creek

sawdustsawdust Posts: 944 Member
I started a makeover of Willow Creek because I love medieval/fantasy type games. This lot is for the Starter neighbourhood beginning at Bargain Bend and going clockwise around the street. @Jendowoz0612 has made the households to go with the builds but you will need to turn on the CC checkbox as she uses a default eye colour replacement. It will automatically go back to the EA default when you download them so don't worry about not having the CC.

You can see more photos of the builds here.

Apple Cider Farm

An apple orchard for the Carpenter family. This has 2 bedrooms and an internal bathroom. The shed out back has a bar for learning mixology.


Herbalist's Cottage

Designed for the Carmen household it has a single bed only as she is a rather lovelorn herbalist.


Honeypot Flower Farm

A small cottage with 1 double bed designed for beekeeping and flower arranging skills. The Guinn household was made for this.


The Stables

A one room cottage but large enough for a double and a toddler bed which can be easily changed to a single if necessary. Jen has made the Abidan household for this build.


Crestwood Farm

This farm is in 3 sections with main living and parents sleeping quarters in the main build. The children's sleeping quarters in the second part and ablutions/shed in the last part. The Belmont family live here with their twins and two dogs.


I shall be adding to this thread as I continue to build the rest of the community. Next I will be filling in the Community Area which will become the Docks. Haven't decided fully what will be there but we will find at least a tavern (bar) and an inn (cafe). :)


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