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[newbie question] first time trying mccc

Hi there,

I'm so sorry I have spent a few days reading as many posts about MC Command Center but I can't find the answer *sigh* so forgive me if this is a dumb question hand on my heart I can't find the answer.

I was wanting to play a game that allows my non-active households (+ townies) in the game to date, break-up, move in, have weddings/divorces/babies without my input, 100% autonomous lives.

I read MC Command Center was the mod to get for this but I have no idea what to download! (dumb right), do I just download the main file (which is MC Command Center 6.2.0 right now) or do I need to download ALL the other links listed under the documentation sub folders including the woohoo file (since I want them to have kids?) There is a lot this mod can do but I pretty much want it for that (and the next situation listed below) so don't know what I need to download (if there are other files on top of the main one I need to get.)

Also I was wanting to create specific sims to perform specific jobs, like the personal trainer at a gym and a full time butler that never leaves a household. Can MCCC allow me to do that without fear a townie will take the created sims place or the butler will leave?

*notepad and pen ready*

please help, any MCCC tips/fun-facts are most welcomed.


  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 3,140 Member
    edited April 5
    If you just want it for townies' story progression, you need the main module (MC Command Center), the population module and the pregnancy module. All of the modules are zipped together, so just download the whole thing, unzip it all, and then just place the package files and script file for the three modules above into your Mods folder (they can sit one folder deep if you want to keep them together). Only the main module will have a script file. The other two are package files - so you should have three package files and one script file. The woohoo module won't affect townies - that's just for the Sims you're controlling.

    I'd recommend starting a test save first until you've got the settings how you want them. Have a read of the documentation for those three modules here to see what the settings do.
  • here4snackshere4snacks Posts: 52 Member
    @loubyloulou this is exactly the info I needed, thank you! I'll also follow your advice with the tester world too. Thank you :)
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 3,140 Member
    @loubyloulou this is exactly the info I needed, thank you! I'll also follow your advice with the tester world too. Thank you :)

    Have fun!
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 4,871 Member
    If you need help in the future there is a thread for MCCC here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/913483/mc-command-center-local-help-chat-thread#latest. You may have noticed that there are tiny spy glasses next to the page number at the top and bottom of big threads like that, you can use those to search the thread by keywords to see if there is a quick answer to your question before you post.
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