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CC help?

KydiamondKydiamond Posts: 143 Member
Okay, so recently I've decided to add mods/cc to my Sims 4 game (I've had them before but deleted them). So I went on a *small* downloading spree of both mods and cc. My mods seem to work fine and pop up at the begining of the loading screen. After I downloaded the cc though, the first time I got on the sims they didnt show up (didnt show they were downloaded or in CAS). So I was like okay... and I got off the sims to reload it. Now it doesnt even load and its just a white screen. Like it says "The Sims 4" title screen or whatever, but then it goes to a white screen with the basic music in the background. After a while Im pretty sure it loads to the begining screen because Im able to scroll my mouse over clickible options, but I still cant see it (its still white)

Is there any suggestions on what I should do. I'd really like for my CC to work, but I'd like for my Sims game to work more. (( I recently redownloaded the sims game because I was having the same white screen problem before I even downloaded the mods/cc))


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