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Sims, an utopia?

HejixHejix Posts: 1,048 Member
Why are we so drawn to the Sims? Is it because it is a suburban utopia? So, why do we keep ruining it with drama and mayhem? :P I know some players don't. I sort of admire them.

Perfect weather, easy money, dream house, easy friends, dream career...

Would you like to live in the Sims?
I want to play ALL the premade families! One day...


  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 1,642 Member
    edited March 31
    I think I've always been drawn to Sims because I love creating and playing out stories. It's basically my virtual dollhouse - my love of pretend play that I've never grown out of. Pure escapism. I also love drama, whether it be sims, books or films. I always torture my favourite characters...but I also always give them their happily ever after! Well, mostly...

    I personally wouldn't want to live in the Sims, although it's probably a lot nicer than our world! I mean, you're being controlled, and then there's the risk of alien impregnation etc. No, I'm far too much of a control freak. However, I have read some theories that we ARE sims or someone's game or experiment (gone horribly wrong, if you ask me :D ), so maybe it's already happening? :#
  • JessabeansJessabeans Posts: 3,474 Member
    edited April 1
    I'm drawn to the sims because I feel like simulation games by nature are more interactive than linear games. I don't care for linear stories, if my only input is making a jump or smashing a monster (that they game assumes I'm going to smash anyway plot wise, I would rather read a book or watch a movie.) When I do play games that are not simulation I prefer the 'illusion of choice' games where you can at least feel like there is a different outcome based on your input (a la bioware or Bethesda franchises before anthem and fallout 76 respectively.)

    I've always tried to give my sims the best life I can, when I play I usually give my sims traits so she can 'enjoy' the places I want her to go or activities I'd like her to do. I've never been the drama, torture, modeling, challenge or storyteller type, but I'm fascinated by those who are.

    Like Annaliese, I also like the escapism aspect of it. At the end of a long day, I'm tired and I can relax at my computer and vicariously enjoy their travel and leisure without any of the expense, logistics or niceties that comes with actually traveling.

    I've always spent the bulk of my sims time (Since sims 1) building, there is something zen about it, just shedding all the days worries and replacing them with wondering how to reproduce a roofline given our limited tools or what sort of clutter a sim would have in their room. I guess it's a nice break from worrying about things that effect me.

    I would never want to live in the Sims world, their behavior is uncanny and the developers spend an inordinate about of time coming up with ways for our sims to randomly die. I try to keep my sims alive, it's why I can't seem to play a legacy, the first grandparent I've grown attached to over months of gameplay passing just brings me to tears. It's like losing a beloved pet. I won't pretend there haven't been times I've wished I could use a money or move objects cheat in real life though. Couches are heavy.
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