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How do I get rid of "trend" clothing?



  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 3,908 Member
    Maybe I am simply not paying attention, but it certainly seems that locals do lose interest in my Style Influencer's trends over time. I am doing an experiment with a REALLY OBVIOUS one that I can spot from a distance, and seeing how long it persists.

    In any case, setting a new trend for that gender seems to overwrite previous trends, rather than occurring alongside them. But while I have set some trends I regret (clothes that are unflattering to some body-shapes, mostly) I have never been haunted by trends that would not die.
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 804 Member
    To my knowledge, it doesn't wear off at all. My stylist sim is long death and the problem persists anyhow.
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 3,908 Member
    How long ago was the trend set? I think this was back-ended at some point and trends made since do have a sunset provision. It just couldn't be done retroactively.
  • Cassandra52182Cassandra52182 Posts: 333 Member
    edited June 26
    Kathykins wrote: »
    They are looking for input on the issue here. The more people who report the better. I haven't played with trends, in fear of this exact thing happening. Would be nice to have them check it out.

    Thank you I put in my report and input, hopefully more people will as well so that they'll actually take a look at this problem. I'm tempted to just start an entirely new game to get rid of them, but I've put so much time in this save I'm hesitant to do so.
    Sindocat wrote: »
    How long ago was the trend set? I think this was back-ended at some point and trends made since do have a sunset provision. It just couldn't be done retroactively.

    I had a stylist way back when and had her completely change her career, it's been 4 full seasons (and I use 28 day long seasons) and I have at least 3 females and males with the trends show up on lots every single time I travel. I feel like I'm constantly having to use MCCC just to change their clothes because it happens so often. Even the locals in the new EP are suffering from this trend bug, it's seriously annoying.
  • JuliB988JuliB988 Posts: 11 New Member
    I went ahead and put in a report as well!
  • vallraienevallraiene Posts: 5 New Member
    > @SilvyrRain said:
    > Oh, gosh, I'm glad I saw this. I just put a sim in the style influencer career. I will avoid setting any trends.
    > That's a poor design decision. At the very least, there should be a way to turn off a trend that is set.

    just don't work from home. sometimes making a trend is a required "task" if you chose to work from home. but if your sim just goes to work you don't have to worry about the trends. bam, problem solved.
  • LittleMsSamLittleMsSam Posts: 78 Member
    For those who want to get rid of the Outfits Trends. I found a way to do it via editing the actual save file. For those who are brave enough you can try this:

    1) Download & Install Sims 4 Studio
    2) Make a Backup of your Save!!!
    3) Open your save file via "My Projects"
    4) Search within the left File List for the Save Game Data file
    5) On the right scroll down until you find style_service
    6) Click on Edit next to the outfit_Infos
    7) In the new Popup click on Clear to remove the Outfit Infos
    8) Click Save to close the Popup
    9) Click Save to save your edited Savefile
    10) Play the Game for a few hrs to see if your Issue is gone. Sims on the Lot already "wearing" the Trend when you saved the Game will still wear it but traveling, going into CAS etc should reset that.

    Be aware use this workaround on your own risk! Make a Backup before editing! Don't edit anything else in the Save! You have been warned!

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  • tigerliliXOtigerliliXO Posts: 1 New Member
    not really a solution, but if you have cheats on you should be able to select any sim (played & unplayed) and change their outfit to anything e.g sleepwear, swimwear, everyday, party etc. if you see a sim wearing your trend you can click on them and hangs their outfit to everyday and it should change back to what they would usually wear. i’m not sure if this stops them from wearing the trend for good or just for a while but it’s the closest i have to stop them from wearing the trends
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