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What to use to improve game play?

So I don't have any mods or CC in my game. I would like to get some mods that improve my game play but I do not want them to ruin my core script of the game. What are some mods I can use to have fun in my game?


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 3,435 Member
    What do you mean by “ruin core script”? Are you saying you want to add mods that are not script mods or something different entirely?
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  • BambiScott5BambiScott5 Posts: 48 Member
    not script mods I believe. I read somewhere that some mods embed into the game and if they get corrupted the game will not work properly./
  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 2,889 Member
    For some (somewhat) informed perspective on this, if you're being super cautious, then cutting out all script mods might help avoid game-breaking stuff. But, game-breaking stuff is also pretty rare to my understanding, and in my experience, and sometimes it comes from Maxis itself. Like the Lin-Z relationship bug that was briefly in existence.

    So best practice if you want to avoid game-breaking bugs is probably to accept that it may happen sometimes no matter how cautious you are and keep regular backups of things you care about: Saves, Tray folder contents, etc.

    Some script mods do some fairly deep changes, but many of them do relatively simple stuff. Usually the worst a bad script is going to do is trigger a LastException error, which usually just means something happened that is considered unintended or undefined behavior and the game caught it. For the most part, undefined behavior is not as creepy as it sounds. Many errors will just result in the attempted script failing to work as intended, with nothing notable happening apart from that. But again, backups are the best defense against game corruption because there is no 100% defense against it.

    This is a game with so many possibilities and combinations of possibilities that can occur, it's near impossible for someone to offer a reliable guarantee that nothing horrible could go wrong. However, I can say with confidence that in the majority of cases, if you grab a mod from trusted sources and it's up to date with the latest patch, it's highly unlikely that anything game-breaking is going to go wrong. And for those cases where it does, backups is going to save you where avoiding some types of mods may not.

    That being said, I totally understand the sentiment of wanting to avoid script mods. There's a lot more possibility in them for things going horribly wrong than with tunings. But so far, I've not heard of it being an issue that often for this game with this modding community. We have a pretty strong community of scripters who have a pretty good understanding of the pitfalls of various aspects of it and the game code is insulated pretty well, to where an error in one part doesn't necessarily mean an error in another part.
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  • BambiScott5BambiScott5 Posts: 48 Member
    @Triplis Thank you so muc! So what mods do you love? Also how do I have back ups?
  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,157 Member
    It depends of your style of play already. If you have any legacy challenges or just have a bunch of families LittleMissSam has tons of mods to go on.

    MCCC is probably the most universal mod thus far. If you were a fan of StoryProgression from the previous games, MCCC will give your game life. There's also a variety of options to control from in general for your sims, along with some bug fixes.

    My advice on mods/CC: Always keep your folder organized (label subcategories but make sure their not 3 folders deep) and try to save every link that they came from.
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  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,036 Member
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    If you want to avoid script, then look to download mods that contain .package files only, if the mod you download has both a .ts4script and a .package, then don't use it. I highly recommend everything from littlemssam's website and Mod the Sims.

    The ones I can recommend that are .package only are:

    More holiday traditions by icemunmun
    More Best Friends by littlemssam
    More Holiday Icons by littlemssam
    Movies Be Quiet by littlemssam
    Eat At Tables by mental hygiene
    No/Less City Living Names (found on Mod the Sims)
    Expanded Rewards by frimlin (more aspiration reward buyable items)

    As mentioned earlier, make sure to back up your save and tray folders every once in awhile. You can do this by going into Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4 and then copy and paste your save folder and tray folder to a separate location (I keep my copies in my Downloads folder for example). That way if your saves/lots/households go corrupt, you can simply drag and drop those copies back to your EA folder to restore your last known working save.

    Also, I recommend to remove your mods before you download a new update, restart the game without mods, then you can exit the game and drop all your mods back to your mod folder. That way any changes to the code with the update will get a chance to set up without the mods first.
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  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 702 Member
    If you want to avoid script mods, you can also look for mods here:


    There are about 300 mods available at the site, some just fixing minor bugs and others bringing broader changes.
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