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Is a mod like this possible?

I'm not a mod maker but I have dreams of a mod like this and I am not asking someone to make it but I'm just curious if it can be done.

There's currently a werewolf mod out there I think where you can become a werewolf and be a bipedal beast looking werewolf but could a mod be done that works with pets? Instead of bipedal you can make a dog form for your Sim.

Maybe when you become a werewolf with this mod it automatically takes you to CAS to create a dog that will be used for when you turn which could also work with seasons so you turn at the beginning of each season or something...

and when you do you lose control of your sim and it becomes a dog

so is this possible at all, or is it just a pipe dream?

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    I'm not a modder either, but I don't think that's possible. You'd have to completely redesign how sims work in their werewolf form by essentially turning a sim into a dog. That sounds incredibly complicated. It definitely sounds like a cool idea, but unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever see it done.
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