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Mafia Masterlist-Last Updated 6/24/21

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Current Game

Waiting list

On Hold
@TheRoseHorse's 4th Hunger Games Mafia
@Keyenpeydee's Survivor Mafia- X
@Mouselline and @Coffeecrumblecake's Revenge of the Cabbage Man Mafia
@Keyenpeydee's Prom Night Mafia- X

Other Links
General Mafia Rules, Guidelines, and Other Information
Ultimate Mafia site.
Keyen's site for Sims Forums Anon/Hydra Games (If you are interested in hosting a game here, Rose will help you get set up to set up the accounts close to your turn to host.)
Sims Forums Mafia Statistics Edited and Maintained by @Mouselline (Most stats are maintained here, but Mafia/Town/Third Wins/Draws are recorded under the Past Games below.)
2021 Scummies Suggestions
Old Mafia Masterlists Discord Servers
Even the Most Beautiful Rose has been through the Dirt
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