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March Update: Sims Medieval & StrangerVille

Hey everyone. We have updated the Sims Alexa skill to include 16 new tunes from the classic series Sims Medieval!
Also, you can challenge your StrangerVille skills by answering 10 new questions on the latest Game Pack.

Link To the Sims Alexa Skill

Share images and thoughts on how you are engaging with the new content! As always, feedback welcome :smile:


  • AjaGioAjaGio Posts: 250 Member
    is there ever going to be an update for Sims Medieval to work with my windows 10? And maybe some new content?? I love playing the quests and would love more of them :)

  • Jude525Jude525 Posts: 1,668 Member
    edited March 2019
    @ajadra Medieval is playable on Origin. As for more content? You're so funny. That's like asking for more TS3 content just because it's better than TS4. IMHO *cough* Or even that they fix the bugs that they never got around to, for that matter. You might think that players had spent hundreds of dollars on the software or something.
  • SimGuru0x00SimGuru0x00 Posts: 19 SimGuru
    Sorry folks. I cannot comment on future products and/or updates to products.

    But releasing Sims Medieval music on the Alexa project is our little group's way of paying respects to a game we loved creating :)
  • jamiebaby212jamiebaby212 Posts: 23 Member
    Yaaaas amazing. I'm a huge fan of the Sims Medieval I still play it
  • LquinnLquinn Posts: 352 Member
    I would be happy with just building stuff and furniture.
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,955 Member
    thanks for the input
  • feetinstockingsfeetinstockings Posts: 4,264 Member
    what's the Alexa skill??
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