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Celebrity Gold Digger Challenge for The Sims 4

This is a spin on the original Gold Digger Challenge for The Sims 4 by SnazzyTazzy and The Black Widow Challenge so big thank you to those creators for the inspiration.

With the release of Get Famous for The Sims 4, I created this challenge for those sims who just want to get famous by using other sims’ names. Who says Judith Ward can be the only black widow in The Pinnacles? Not your sim, that’s for sure! These rules took me 10 thousand years to write so you’re welcome. Please don’t yell at me if they don’t make sense.

The Main Goals:
  • Marry celebrity sims 10 times.
  • Kill each celebrity off after marrying them to steal their fortune.
  • Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration.
  • Become a 5-star celebrity by the time you have finished this challenge.
  • Reach level 10 in both the Homestyle Cooking skill and Charisma skill. (This is optional but gives you more to focus on and is realistic for the type of sim you’re playing.)

  • Life span can be any length but short is for a hard difficulty, normal for a normal difficulty and long is for an easier difficulty level.
  • Create your sim as a young adult. They can be whichever gender you choose and can romance any gender. That’s completely up to you and the story you want to tell.
  • Give your sim the Self-absorbed, Romantic and Materialistic traits in create a sim.
  • Give your sim the Serial Romantic aspiration under the “Love” category. If you complete this, you can also aim to complete the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration.

  • Do NOT use any money cheats. Your sim must earn their fortune. They can have a job, but this will take time away from the challenge. A great way to make money in the early days is to sell other celebrity autographs.
  • Meet a celebrity sim and get that relationship up until you can marry them.
  • Once married, host the perfect dinner party to show that you are the host with the most and everyone is just DYING (get it? heh) to be you.
  • Find a new celebrity to make a move on and start to build that relationship.
  • Kill off your current partner in whatever way you see fit. (You can choose to cheat with your new partner in front of them or not, before you say your goodbyes. I mean it’s not as if they’ll have chance to tell those pesky paparazzi about it.)
  • Rinse and repeat this sequence until you have married and killed off 10 celebrities. Hopefully by this point you will have reached that 5-star celebrity level you so desperately craved!

I am currently doing my version of this challenge over on my YouTube channel which you can check out here if you need to see it in action before you hop into it for yourself!

Go get that fame, you earned it.
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  • kipper123kipper123 Posts: 595 Member
    Really enjoying this series on your channel, Edith certainly seems to be enjoying herself ;) Thanks for sharing the rules!
    Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and smarter than you believe ~ Christopher Robin
  • queenkillerxqueenkillerx Posts: 5 New Member
    Loved watching your video! I'm going to try it now :smiley:
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