May 17 - Friday Highlight time! Check this week's out here!

Friday Highlight March 15th - A week in The Sims forums

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Sul sul Simmers, and happy anniversary to The Sims Mobile! :smiley:

This week we have celebrated the one-year anniversary of the release of The Sims Mobile, I can't think of a better way of starting this Friday Highlight than with a partying image!:


That's not the only celebration picture I want to show you today, but before getting into that, a couple quick links - this week we announced an update on The Sims 4 supported systems (discussion here), and The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff and Fitness Stuff are now available on console!

So... what other celebration was I talking about?? :smirk: A picture is worth a thousand words, right?:

Screenshot by @JasonSim16, an old picture but perfect for the occasion! Can be found and liked here.

Is the green a good enough hint? ;)

But don't get too distracted by celebrations, I haven't shown you the recommended discussions of this week yet!:
  • Let's start our browsing through the forums with a very interesting question by @masuloi: 'What would life be like if Sims never existed?'. What would you be doing? Give it a thought! ;)
  • Moving on to in-game questions, @calaprfy is wondering about your Sims' in-laws: 'The in-laws - Do you play them?'. I may... or may not... almost completely ignore them *hides*. Share what you do in the link!
  • We listen to our Sims chat, sing and complaint allllll the time -ok, ok, if you just build, no need to look at me like that, you can skip this one... :tongue: We spend a lot of time listening to our Sims, so... how much do you care about their voice style? That's what @ladysweettart is asking everyone in her topic: 'Sim voices'. Do you have a favorite?
  • Without leaving Create-A-Sim, or maybe moving on to Manage worlds? You choose! But let me show you a thread where @EuphorialQueen is sharing some of her household creations: 'EQCreations Households of EuphorialQueen' - you can find all kind of households with all kind of stories in there. Perfect for when you want to play something different!
  • And last but not least, @GabbyGirlJ has opened a great poll (you thought I had no polls to share this week? :smiley:) in The Sims 3 section. But it doesn't only apply to The Sims 3 players - it's about how you choose the traits for your Sims: 'Are your Sims practically perfect or fatally flawed?'. Leave your vote!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to those threads as much as I did!

Happy weekend, lucky weekend, specially if you wear green! :wink:


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