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IP: Child does homework and goes to school but still a "C"

Just started playing IP after a long hiatus. My child does his homework and goes to school but his school mood and grade of "C" never changes. He goes to school happy and I've even tried "work hard", and still no improvement. I didn't have this trouble in my other worlds. Awesome MC, SP, Tagger. All EPs/SPs, fully patched.


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    Arcanine4PresidentArcanine4President Posts: 31 Member
    I was going to suggest making him work hard, but then I read that it doesn't work either.
    What are his traits? Maybe they prevent him from wanting to work.
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    columbia93columbia93 Posts: 319 Member
    Haven't been back in the game yet. I know he's a good kid, not lazy, etc. His dad owns Hobarts, which I'm finding out can cause problems for the family. Next time I'm in I'll check another child in another family snd, depending on how that goes, maybe another world. I've not had trouble elsewhere but will make certain It's new and/or isolated.
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