Do people still write and read sims 3 legacy challenge stories? Which site do you think is the best?

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I'm currently doing a sims 3 legacy challenge and I've been considering creating a blog and writing it into a story but I'm not sure if there's still any interest. So is it still a thing? Do you read any legacy stories? Which site do you think is the best for a legacy story blog and why?


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    I've always loved them myself. I still hunt for new ones to read, but its rare these days to find a Sims 3 one. I find that strange since I know there's quite an active Sims 3 community, but most of the ones I find are Sims 4 these days.

    I would certainly ready a Sims 3 legacy still and be quite happy to do so!
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    @alexjoanroww Legacy stories aren't the first ones I'll read personally (I prefer challenge stories and made up stories :blush: ) but there still are many of us who write many different kinds of "SimLit" and post them on the forum or onto blogs, myself included. :)

    I use WordPress and really like it!

    If you check out the "Stories and Legacies" section here you'll find TONS of legacy stories as well as other stories to check out, read, and gain ideas from. :)
    Edit: Make sure you're checking in the "Sims 3 General Discussion" categories.

    Best wishes!
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    emorrill wrote: »
    @alexjoanroww Legacy stories aren't the first ones I'll read personally (I prefer challenge stories and made up stories :blush: )

    But, @emorrill , a Legacy Challenge story is a challenge story, if the player is playing by the Legacy Challenge rules (no cheats, starting with a YA sim on a large empty lot and very little money) and basing the story on their gameplay! @alexjoanroww , if you're writing this sort of story, I would be very interested in reading it. I personally prefer to read stories here in the Stories and Legacies subforum, but I know that some other readers prefer blogs, so you should choose whatever feels best for you!
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    I use WordPress and I'm fairly happy with it. I don't know if the interest is still important, I think it depends on how you write your legacy. Just generation after generation of marriages, working and dying is rather boring IMHO...

    I can recommend a few that have succeeded in creating interesting stories for each generation. Check them out:

    Kymber at Booomcha. Her Noble Doubt story is a legacy, currently at generation 6, with different storylines that keeps up the interest :)

    Jessesue at Stories by Bee She has written 3 generations (so far!) Her poses are true gems! :)

    Louise at Not Just a Book A very interesting story taking place in Monte Vista - 2 generations so far! :)

    Jowita at Never Do It Again She's at generation 6, and there is never a boring moment! :)

    I'm also writing a story that started out as a legacy, but rapidly turned into something more book like. Just click on my siggy and it will take you to the Grey Witches blog!

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    This is the one I'm currently reading. Its witty, funny, and entertaining and I'd highly recommend if you like the funny ones.
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    @jillbg @emorrill : what is the difference between an own webside and wordpress? Is there any? (I´m a completely newbie when it comes to such things!! :o )
    Oh,and do they cost something and if so, how much?
    And what about tumblr?
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    @AlexaKry tumblr is also a blogsite, just as WordPress. WP have two options - free, but with limited possibilities, and otherwise paying. The price depends on how much storage you want.
    A website is your own construction, and can work as a blogsite but you have to do everything yourself...
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    @jillbg so if I' ll get the hipsters I'll go to tumblr? 😉
    And how much space is for free? (at WP)
    (and to reveal me as a stupid newbie: what is a blog?) 😨
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    @PalmArrow Oh... You're right. :neutral: I forgot most legacy stories have challenge rules.

    What I meant to say is those are the least interesting stories to me because most people write them the way @jillbg described below and it's a little boring to me. :confused: Repitition gets old fast in my book... Sorry. :( I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings saying that, it's just a personal opinion. I like a story to have character growth and many new adventures happening along the way, good or bad. It keeps me engaged helps me relate more to the characters. :)
    jillbg wrote: »
    Just generation after generation of marriages, working and dying is rather boring IMHO...

    @AlexaKry Jillbg gave you a great response. :) I'm not sure how to describe what a Blog is at the moment because I'm so sleepy :sleepy: but it's basically you're very own webpage, that's often times free, that you set up to your liking and write and post all your stuff. @jillbg , maybe you can explain better? :mrgreen:

    I need a nap...
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    @duhboy2u2 Your words are really encouraging! Also thank you for the link,I'll surely check it out :smiley:
    @emorrill Thanks for your advice and wishes! I'll make sure to check it out.
    @PalmArrow Thank you for your interest! I haven't started writing yet,I'll let you know once I will.
    @jillbg It can be boring but I've came to find out that interesting plotwists always arise while playing. Also thanks for the links,I'll definitely check them out :smiley:

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    I use tumblr to document the LEPacy challenge I'm playing. I'm not really a "story" teller... it's just simple commentary. Is tumblr the best? I haven't tried other blog sites so I couldn't tell you. I've been on tumblr for years now and I enjoy the Sims 3 community there.

    Link to my simblr (tumblr) is on my signature.
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    I thought about doing a blog for years but it never went beyond thinking about it.

    But, I never thought of doing a vlog and that seems to now be my preferred way of communicating at the moment.

    Im posting my Sims 3 stories on YouTube and am learning as I go. So far I haven't actually started a vlog but expect I'll be doing it soon.
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    @AlexaKry Well, information works both ways! :) As long as you're happy with sharing your pics on the forum, I'm happy, too! :D
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    @jillbg : I don´t know, if I post at the forum further more if my website will hit at the top of google search and if I can´t count the daily views anymore! :D
    Here, at the forum too less people watch my stories and I don´t get enough points, I´m really disappointed that I´m writing just for me! :D (irony off!!!!! :p )
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    @AlexaKry I think that as you post your pics on the "What happened" thread, people like and awesome and eventually comment there. I don't think many people check out the links in siggy's... I did, though, and went through Streuner's story and your Helmquist family one! It was quite entertaining gameplay!
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    I used to write but recently stopped.I still read though and love reading stories, just lost
    My interest in writing stories.Honeslty I’m not good at writing stories, and find myself
    Getting bored.I can come up with ideas, just hard for me to put them
    On to paper,or screen if you will.
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    I actually enjoy picture rich legacies rather than story ones. My favorite is Hitch Legacy. It's funny and I like the way her game looks. I recommend starting to read from gen 4 though, before that it was poorly documented. Her bachlorette challenge is also a great read.
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    I still write one but since I prefer writing in my own language, it’s private. And not very up to date. Must confess that just playing and not having to write it all down also has its advantages ;) I loved reading stories in the past but it does take quite a lot of time and I prefer spending that time playing myself.

    So, long story short, the fact there aren’t as many Sims 3 stories anymore doesn’t mean people don’t play the game.
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    Most of the stories I've read were on tumblr or wordpress (or similar blog sites.) I can't speak for which is the best as I've never written one.

    I some of the Sims 3 stories I read are; Greencats, Ciane, danjaley, Mmdrgntobldrgn, Sandy.

    (Sensitive content warning) Trusting Desire, Pixel Rust

    A few are not active, but they are complete.
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    I am just starting to play the Sims 3. I had this game for 3 years, so when my daughter bought me a new laptop ( I had to buy the DVD drive because it didn't come with the laptop 😑). I am getting ready to blog as well as the challenges.
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    Currently on the second generation of a legacy but the third generation have reached their teens and not long before they become young adults in their own right.
    It’s always interesting to watch the children amd grand children develop in their own right.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

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    I've recently started a wordpress account for my latest attempt at a legacy. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. It's more of a personal challenge for myself. I like to document my play, but until now getting the pictures, making up captions, and then uploading everything into a readable format has been difficult. I tend to go back and forth between getting really close to characters and giving them real stories and personalities, and then standing back and just skimming through time in their lives.
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    Where can i read yours? :p
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