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Triplet Challenge

cianeciane Posts: 15,406 Member
I was thinking of all the fun challenges created and it dawned on me that we don't have a triplet challenge.

What if you created a Sim and used the twin option in CAS to create a twin twice (OR had triplets in game)?

Play the triplets and develop a favorite, who then marries and tries for triplets. If successful, this becomes your next generation.

If unsuccessful, move out that sim with her offspring and try again with one of the other triplets.


See if you can successfully get three generations of triplets on the first try.

Most importantly, always have fun!

Q and A:

Can the other triplets stick around and help raise the next generation? Yes.

Can you kick out the other triplets? Yes.

Can one of the triplets marry? Yes.

Does one of the triplets have to marry? No.
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