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Sims 2 -> Sims 3 Conversions: Tutorial World

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Sims 2 to Sims 3 Conversions: Tutorial World

A long while back, I had an idea to populate Barnacle Bay's university world with remakes of Sims 2 University's students, as Barnacle Bay's timeline is uniquely set after Sims 2. After some small progress making some lots and students as 1 to 1 as possible, my computer died, and ever since, while working towards replacing that computer, I've wondered about other Sims 2 to Sims 3 conversions. Now that I have access to 3 again, I thought I'd test this on the smallest world in all of the Sims 2 games: the hidden Tutorial world, which CAN be made playable with some effort.

The tutorial world is interesting, as it has three Tutorial Joes, two Tutorial Janes, a selection of unique preset NPCs, and even has the remains of a cut tutorial that would have teached the player about texturing homes. All of these things I have recreated, alongside the Life Stories/Pet Stories versions of the tutorial homes, which differ slightly. All three homes do not have stoves in the kitchen, likely to avoid new players from accidentally killing Joe and being disheartened from a random meal burning the house down; the world will actually forcibly close and kick you out to the main menu if any sim dies. So no stoves being present is 100% intentional, its how Maxis built it, so I kept it.

Some information on how I do things with these: My focus is accuracy, so if a lot has an error like an untextured spot, I generally keep it, for this world at least. Matching objects to Sims 2 objects is sometimes a nightmare, and in some cases there simply isn't anything remotely close, so I make do with something similar in the same spot. Sims will have the exact same skills they had in Sims 2, with the exception of Creativity and Cleaning, which I replace with something creative that fits the sim in the former case, or treat as free skill points in the latter case, as nothing matches up to Cleaning. I often set Cleaning to Social Networking, as its a benign skill that unlocks phone skins. Gender preference does NOT save, nor does selected phone skins, and some careers will remove themselves upon placing in a world, so this stuff is up to the player to reassign. I'll make a note of what things didn't carry over. I assign traits based on aspirations, hidden tokens, personality values, and any bios present, interests are generally not factored, as they change ingame, and cant even be set by the player in CAS.

The Original Three Homes

Tutorial Joe with 'Basics Part 1' home
Empty 'Basics: Part 1' lot
I enjoyed building this one, back when I first played Sims 2, I always wondered why Joe wasn't in Pleasantview, or why his unique house wasn't available. In my personal headcanon, hes always lived there, just off the playable map. This lot has some minor mistakes I realised after uploading it, the front door isn't set, nor is the front of the lot, despite building it in a place against the road. Tutorial Joe is almost exactly as he is in Sims 2 here, he hasnt met Jane yet, he hasnt earned his Body skill point (But DOES have the 0.65 progress towards it that he has in Sims 2), has history of losing his job, and unlike the original, his family tree is present, with his family in his inventory as tombstones.

Tutorial Jane with 'Basics Part 2' home
Empty 'Basics: Part 2' lot
My personal favourite of the three homes, I always figured this was Jane's home, where Joe moved in after marrying or was visiting during the second tutorial. As with Joe, she has her skill modifiers set, and has her family tree present, in her inventory. If her parents arent connected on the family tree, use Nraas' Master Controller mod to reinstate the links, custom relationship values with deceased family members, in my testing, did not save, but usually the family tree did.

Tutorial Joe and Jane with 'Basics Part 2' home
Same home as above, but Joe and Jane live together and are married. Both family trees are present, so thats a lot of ghosts if you place the tombstones in the home. I suggest placing them in the town's graveyard, either replacing empty tombstones, or in the mausoleum's inventory, to keep the family tree intact. This house has one room thats untextured, and its not an error, Maxis left that room untextured, presumably by mistake. Joe has the Body/Athletic point he gained in the first tutorial, and still holds his athlete career he would have gotten in Sims 2's first tutorial.

Tutorial Joe and Jane with 'New Gameplay' home
Empty 'New Gameplay' lot
The third and final home, this was the tutorial that officially revealed the family trees of Joe and Jane, and where the 0.14 and 0.30 creativity point values the sims had, came into visible play. The lot is excessively big for the size of the home, I generally assume Joe and Jane moved here for the size, and intended to expand in time. The house isn't as good as the second, but it has potential.


It looks nice in the Sims 3 engine

Back view. Instead of leaving the trash can and mailbox in awkward positions (In Sims 2, they are always off the buildable region of the lot and unmovable), I move them to make more sense with these. Different games, different mechanics, afterall.

Without editing, salad and quick meals is all Joe will have to eat.

Might as well do as the original tutorial asked, and buy him a nice chair so he can sit at the table for meals

His athletic skill will reach the first point at a faster rate than any other skill, just like in Sims 2

A look into the past, at life when his family was still alive. Bob Sim always did look like a biker, I couldn't resist giving him a motorbike for the playtest

Joes' grandparents are over for a winter family gathering

Betty Sim must have lost those chairs by the time Joe inherits the house. Bob dies in a tragic motorbike accident down the line, and Betty dies of blunt force trauma....probably involving the chairs.

As Joe is a little bit into his adult stage in Sims 2, I imagine he was living elsewhere, getting away from his parents, inheriting this house when both his parents die early. This house is pretty much built for Bob and Betty to live comfortably.

Seems grumpy old Bill isnt pleased with salad for lunch.

Then again, Bob isn't too happy either. Better buy a stove someday then!

Enjoy your time with your grandparents, Joe. They don't have very long to live..


(Seems the pictures I took of the second home's exterior vanished, will retake later and add here)

Jane Jones has recently inherited her parents home, and its a lot of space for one young lady to fill. And still, no stove :pensive:

The Jones family is predominately Fortune and Knowledge aspiration sims, hence the much more expensive decor, and Jane's predisposition towards teaching and learning.

The RC car has no equivalent in Sims 3, the 'remote control car' from Midnight Hollow is a lie. Still placed it down though. Maybe one day a kid will live here.

One day maybe, Jane will be a teacher.

Peggy and Roger Jones, Jane's comfortably-rich parents. Roger used to be a lot fitter, but the good life made him gain a few pounds.

The grandparents are over for some socialisation

I think I did a good job, building 12 playable sims out of what scraps remained in Sims 2. All that is left of the family tree in Sims 2 are a mugshot, and data on what their aspirations and personality was like in life

Sadly, Peggy would freeze to death this winter, and Roger would harass the Reaper afterwards until he was taken prematurely,

This made me smile. Making Joe and Jane meet, and fall in love, then marry.

Joe has a soccerball to build his skills with

Not quite the yellow-clad teens shes used to seeing.

All this space, gotta use it for something.

A happy marriage, that I always wanted to play it in a proper Sims 2 world.

I modeled Joe's outerwear off what the game randomly assigned him in 2.

Making snowmen in your PJs is a terrible idea. Don't make Peggy's mistake..

At least theres a fire to warm you up afterward. These couches were impossible to recreate accurately, so I gave up and left them as-is. The placement is fine at least.

With no upright piano in the game, all the pianos are set to be replaced with wood finish keyboards. In Sims 2, Joe had 0.14 creativity points, and Jane had 0.30, meaning they would learn the first skill point on this piano faster than other skills. I have recreated that nuance!

The first bookcase is stocked with Handiness and Cooking skillbooks, a romance novel, and a kids book, just like Base Sims 2. Loading the lot will add more books, messing up my reference however :( The bookcase in the bedroom is stocked with Jane's books, which she got from her parents and grandparents. Theres even a humourous book about ice in there that the Grim Reaper gave her when Peggy froze to death.

Alas, still no stove.

Salads forever. Too bad their favourite food is, of course, grilled cheese

I wonder who their child would be. Tutorial John? Tutorial Jessica?

The original lot had lots of japanese autumn maples, in Sims 3 however, you'll only see those red trees in the appropriate season
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