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Decorating ideas and inspo!

brndltn_bybrndltn_by Posts: 52 Member
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Hey everyone!

I've recently started building and I would like to improve my decorating. I am struggling with interiors and my builds are starting to look similar. I'd love to see some of your decor for inspiration and I'd also appreciate any tips or ideas that you have to add some variety to the interiors of my builds.

Thank you in advance :smile:
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  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,693 Member
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    Hey @brndltn_by! *waves*

    As far as inspiration pics go, you've come to the right place. The builders corner has many separate threads created by a bunch of simmers, including yours truly. :wink: You're welcome to look through the contents of those threads, which are filled with so many pictures and links (if you so choose to add them to your game or give a quick thumbs up). These threads can serve as the inspiration pics you ask for.

    Now, to get a better handle on your simming experience and making yourself a better interior decorator, I recommend posting some of the pictures of your interiors, so we can get a better grasp of where you're at and can be of better help. Unfortunately, with nothing to draw from, I cannot offer more assistance at this time. Additionally, you may have stepped inside the wrong sims forum, just based on your avatar. This is a sims 3 creation corner.
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  • brndltn_bybrndltn_by Posts: 52 Member
    @60smusicluvr Thank you for being so helpful! You are right, I am in the wrong forum, I am really new to the forums so I'm still figuring it out. Thank you for being so kind :smile:
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