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Strangerville State tied to sims?

Testing more right now, but I found the Strangerville world state uh... ‘infects’ other sims.

Let me explain.

I went into modify household and, getting distracted, ended up making an entirely new house in it, saving that household (without them ever going into the world, just clicking the folder), then I exited the game and started a new save for these new sims to explore Strangerville with.

Problem? When I popped into the world it was already on the second stage. More infected, and big ol’ cloud in the sky.

I boggled, and then tried repeating the issue several times. Sure enough now, if I make a sim in CAS even on a new file with this family, even if I delete the family, when I play this new file strangerville is automatically on stage 2.

Basically there seems to be a underlying trait tying the sims to the world state. Which I am frankly REALLY not a fan of. I’m hoping it’s a glitch but I have a feeling it’s a way to make sure your sim carries their accomplishments with them.

Testing to see if it’s only the first sim that affects the world state of if you plop a new sim down, if it will change the state to affect what they did on their save.


  • RobinGreenthumbRobinGreenthumb Posts: 237 Member
    Just tested it out- as long as the sim you started a new game with is ‘clean’ (aka was made in CAS without any sims who have a advanced Strangerville world state, even if you then deleted those sims), then any additional sims you move in do not change the world state.

    Which makes me feel a LOT better about the above.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,531 Member
    That's interesting I didn't even knew that happened if you already had sims that progressed in the story and start a new game with them it'll start. I gotta check that out.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    Okay wait... I'm not getting it. Is this is you have a sim that has advanced their aspiration or an infected sim?
  • RobinGreenthumbRobinGreenthumb Posts: 237 Member
    edited March 2019
    Hermitgirl wrote: »
    Okay wait... I'm not getting it. Is this is you have a sim that has advanced their aspiration or an infected sim?


    Sorry, still recovering from the flu so might be a little ramble.

    Basically! I had a game where I was on the second stage of the mystery- cloud in sky, increase of infected sims.

    I then went in to modify a household in this game. Got distracted (once again, flu), made additional sims while in there, deleted the original sim. Saved the new sims. Exited out of game.

    Started new game with the sims I made in that household from the old second-stage save, who had never actually gone into that world.

    New game was on the second stage of the infection, big cloud in sky, increase of infected sims. Me, confused, ?????.

    I then tested out to see and sure enough, if I saved a sim from that world and started a new game with them in Strangerville, it went to whatever stage Strangerville was when they were saved. And even if I loaded them up in CAS in ‘new game’ mode, if I made another sim in their household (even if I deleted the sim saved from a old save), BAM- game would still read it as that sim having been in a world state which had increased Strangerville progression.

    Which worried me a bit because I sometimes like to ‘clone’/make sibling sims to base new designs off of, and if I did this and deleted the old sim in the household, it would STILL load up that new game as having Strangerville in whatever stage the previous sim did- because I made them in the same CAS. But apparently it only happens if you make a new game with that sim. You can move in sims later safely.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    That worries me too... but I wonder if you can make sims that have completed the save game do that? It might come in handy. I still haven't finished though and am taking my time but I might give it a try later.
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