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Howard Johnson's Restaurant

SarahTheRedSarahTheRed Posts: 349 Member
Howard Johnson's was an American restaurant chain that rose to popularity in the 1950s and 60s. I thought StrangerVille was a perfect location for this travelers diner. Howard Johnson's are a perfect representation of mid-century commercial design, they have a cool, Route 66 vibe that fits in so well with the world of StrangerVille. Their architecture is so iconic! I also built this lot to work on my roofing skills.

Original Howard Johnson's locations.




StrangerVille's Howard Johnson's location. This lot looks great in Creek Corner Cove.

I love the classic a-frame design. So appreciative of all the mid century stuff in the game.


Front view. The style of the diner is simple and homey.


Back View.


Right view. This was the first time I tried an open kitchen diner counter format.


Left view. I was really inspired by seeing these exact same chairs in interior shots of old Howard Johnson's.


This venue can be found in the gallery under Howard Johnson's. Happy Simming!


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