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Looking for Suggestions for my University Mod

sleekoduck87sleekoduck87 Posts: 184 Member
edited March 7 in General Mods Discussion
I have been reading the threads on careers and am planning to expand a couple of the majors into full post-graduate careers, but I really do need help developing a Biology Major. Are/were any of you Bio or Pre-Vet majors in school and willing to give some suggestions?

I started out as Biochemistry (STEM) myself, which is much more like chemistry than biology, so I knew exactly what to put into the STEM major. I ended up graduating with a degree in Mass Comm, so, again, familiar territory to me, but biology is something completely different.

This is what I have so far:
  • STEM (for Renaissance, Medical, Science, and Astronaut)
  • Communication (for Business, Acting, Self-employed/Work-from-home, and Bestseller)
  • Art (Entertainer, Painter)
  • Culinary (Cooking, Mixology, Food Critic)
  • History (Archaeology)
  • Education (general Family-oriented major)

Also, if you see a glaring omission, please let me know. I'm definitely open to suggestions!

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  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 716 Member
    Political Science/Law (Politician), Drama/Theater (Actor, Comedian), Mass Communications (Social Media/Business/Journalist), Marine Biology (Conservationist). BTW is this a rabbithole career and is it available?
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