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Strangerville Storyline Suggestions

I hope I have the right to post this.
I really like the idea of this game pack but I dont't think it's worth it, because of the reaally short story.
Feel free to post your storyline ideas :blush:


  • NatyBGNatyBG Posts: 17 Member
    So here are some of my ideas:

    -I know that's not part of the storyline but it'd be helpful for actually living in this world. MORE LOTS! :smile:

    -It would be cool if we could choose a story and not play just the "good side". Something like "The good, the bad and the ugly"
    *The good side is the story we already have but it's kinda not completed. I really would enjoy experience like: Defeating The Mother and then being able to actually control the city while receiving something like threats from them. Not just winning and that's it.
    *The bad side... Well that's the opposite. Helping The Mother and, again, take control but it'd be more like a negative vibe. Nobody will like you etc. I am talking about type of controlling :blush:
    *The ugly. The most interesting role for me. The. Double. Agent.
    Your Sim is working for both sides and eventually takes over Strangeville AND THEN travel to The Mother's planet and control it too. The people may like you or not. It will depend on your actions. But it would be super cool if we are able to live on their planet as a leader :smile:

    These are my suggestions for Strangerville
  • NaphtaliNaphtali Posts: 41 Member
    Well I created a sim named Leto Goth (her name means hidden one). She is the long lost daughter of Don Lothario and Bella Goth. Conceived on the eve of Bella's disappearance. She will be uncovering Strangeville's secrets. She was abandoned as a baby at an orphanage in Strangetown with only a letter containing her name. Now, 21 years later she will be visiting Strangeville as a military recruit. Trying to help save the town as well as find any information on her mother.
  • Evalyn326Evalyn326 Posts: 166 Member
    I just created a sim and let her explore the world and uncover the secret. You can complete the story in a few hours, which is unfortunate.
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  • FreechheitFreechheit Posts: 106 Member
    [quote="Naphtali;c-16983315"]Well I created a sim named Leto Goth (her name means hidden one). [/quote]

    Great story! Love that name!
    I also have a Leto Goth (it us "Grusel" in my German game). She ist the daughter of Clytaimnestra, who is one of Cassandra's an Don's children. I love giving the Goth-descendants names from the Greek and Roman Mythology.

    My Strangeville investigator was my alien Sim Lysbeth. She worked as a scientist before and moved to Strangerville to solve the mystery. She quit her job and worked for the military as a decoy career. Now she is the (alien!) hero of strangerville. :D
    In my mind, the infection spread because Scientists experimented with Alien-Plants to create a bio-weapon. Aliens found out and sent Lysbeth to fix it.

    Happy simming! :)
  • FreechheitFreechheit Posts: 106 Member
    P.S.: (I can't edit my posts yet)
    The name Leto is also related to the Greek "lotus" - the fruit that brings oblivion to those who eat it. Sounds promising. ;)
  • HejixHejix Posts: 1,052 Member
    I have this little girl showing up in all my saves. ;P

    I think I will make her an investigator!

    She'll travel to StrangerVille every weekend!




    I want to play ALL the premade families! One day...
  • simm621simm621 Posts: 851 Member
    My first sim to solve the mystery was a writer. She thought it would good for inspiration to stay in Strangerville. She'd heard so many wild rumours about the town she thought she would get some great ideas for her next book. While she researched the story she grew more and more interested in it and decided to try and figure it out for herself. She did. Solved the mystery, saved the town and became a hero. Along the way she met one of the scientists, fell in love and settled down in the town.

    They had two children, one went on to join the military to protect the town should any more mysteries show up and the other became a scientist like his father. He moved to Oasis Springs and worked in the lab there. He was very experimental, created clones of himself, explored space with his experiments but after his mother died decided to check out that lab in Strangerville for himself.
    He'd heard his mother tell the story of what really went on there and didn't quite believe it so went to investigate. He found some strange fruit while her was there, took it home and grew it and fed the fruits to his clones and himself. (For scientific study!) Anyway, he and his clones were affected by the fruit and would quite often, after the sun went down, run through the neighbourhood, babbling to themselves, talk to plants and plant more of the strange fruit. Then the voices began, telling him to go to the lab, he did and without spoiling started the whole cycle again. Now the town waits for a new hero to save them....again.
  • pattyheartpattyheart Posts: 284 Member
    edited May 2019
    Seeing no need to rush solving the mystery my single parent Sim (Clare Sizemore) took a long time to at last get in there and take care of the problem. Her being lazy and hot headed made things a bit interesting. (Clare joined the military because the uniforms were 'cute' and it made her feel a bit special. Not the best career for a lazy Sim! She gave it up after being offered a spy type job. A job that also makes her feel a bit special.)

    Clare joined the Garden Gnomes Club and then hosted meetings at her home. Clever way for a lazy Sim to get others to do her gardening! And then she recruited 2 of the members along with the fella living under the crashed airplane to help with ending the infection menace.

    Along the way I enjoyed seeing her daughter Suzie grow up. Clare came from a close family living in Newcrest and they often visited back and forth. While suzie was a child her mother did not worry about her as children and teens appear to be immune. However, some time after Suzie became a a teen her mother decided that Suzie would be safer living with her Uncle and cousins.

    Clare is now the hero of Stangetown sharing her home with another elder lady. To continue my story I've moved my young adult Sim self into Strangerville. She just so happens to be a freelance botanist with a keen interest in the strange plants that once infected many of the towns folk. Snooping around in the abandoned secret lab she has found a few mysterious seed packets!

    There are so many ways to play this and the story oportunities seem endless. I wonder if the seeds will sprout outside of Stangerville?
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  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,609 Member
    edited May 2019
    In my second playthrough I'm using Erwin Pries and Liberty Lee to solve the mystery. Erwin's maternal uncle is none other than Ted Roswell, and Erwin lived with him from age 14 when his parents died in a horrible "accident".
    Years later, Erwin is living on his own and getting closer to solving the mystery, but anyone who might believe it has been told by Ted that he is 'unstable'. Enter Liberty Lee, who is in town to visit Summer Holiday and her cousin Leslie Holland...except when she gets there, Summer is gone and Leslie and her roommates are denying ever knowing her. Liberty starts looking for her friend and begins to learn about the town's strange history, which leads her to Erwin. The two of them are now working together to figure what's going on here and where Summer went.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,635 Member
    What is really needed is for the devs to get in there and fix the thing. Multiple in game sources mention an explosion, but there is no evidence of one (they break things and often start fires). The whole lab appears to have been built around the fully developed 'mother', so what's the deal on that? Plants live on the surface, not buried in the earth where there is no light, so perhaps this is some sort of hybrid? What is it, exactly, and where did it come from? How did it get there? There should be multiple routes/courses of action to achieve the goal, and ideally multiple endings based on one's route and choices. The whole thing is entirely too elementary, and they (unlike in, say, Neverwinter Nights - another EA property) have not enabled us to get in there and muck around.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 15,688 Member
    I first sent my sixth great-grandfather from my ancestral game save to check out StrangerVille. He was one of the Commissioners for Safety in the Settlements that became East Tennessee. But, I didn't play that game save for very long. GF came out, which is basically what I was waiting for. In the long run my Rock Star is the brother of my O/C (see my siggie). Since she joins the NAS Enterprise 1701-A, as her first assignment, I send Kirk, Spock, Scotty, McCoy, Uhura, Brianna and Sulu to StrangerVille. They take up residence on the outskirts of town. Since this is her maiden voyage, young Lt. Cantrell heads up the team.

    So, that's what was behind my scenario.
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