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Almost of npcs are wearing showtime uniforms at late night bars

JeansooJeansoo Posts: 2,671 Member
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Hello, I think I did something wrong with setting the clothes for my active sim in cas at the beginning of a new game. I like the one of the acrobat career which has horizontal striped top with a vest wear. It's usually hidden, so I unlocked it using cheat since I created a new game in Bridgeport. I sent my sim in that acrobat clothes to university and came back after graduation, then I noticed most of the bouncers, mixologists, even pianists at the prosperous room lounge which has the highest level in bridgeport are wearing the same acrobat wears with acrobat makeups on their faces. Brightmore dance club, Grind dance club, Bridgeport Sports zone, etc...

Is there a way to change their work uniforms? They are so many at the moment, it will take a day in real time to change all of them one by one. I entirely changed my active sim's clothes to other store clothes since I've seen that bug. I feel like they are just following the latest trends of the famous celebrity's fashion design like the feature at the Sims 4 get famous.
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