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The Life Challenge

nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 2,401 Member
This challenge is just like real life. You don't really choose much, so you just need to live with it.

-Goal Of The Challenge

To successfully live a good life in the Sims, you have to complete at least one aspiration and die of old age. The same does not apply for vampires (below)

-CAS Rules

.This first part is a bit like the random genetics challenge, but instead, you use the randomize button at the bottom that will randomize EVERYTHING. You need to hit that button three times. Do this with both a boy and a girl.

.These will be your parents. Go ahead and delete any of them you need to for your backstory, but after creating all their children.

.Your parents and siblings can be any age you want (parents have to be at least young adult), but you have to be a toddler.

.If your character is adopted, you can change how they look to whatever you want. The only clothes you can choose are your own.

.All names must be randomized three times, including your own. Eventually, when your main sim has kids you can name them whatever you want, but you didn't choose your name, your sibling's names, or your parents names. Realism!

.You must somehow randomly choose the traits for all members of your household, excluding yourself and any sim who you need to delete for the backstory you want. They won't have traits (duh).

.All occults are allowed. Make sure you try and randomize their parents species!

-Build/Buy Mode Rules

.No cheats except for the brackets cheats and the alt cheats. Yes, this includes bb.moveobjects. Sorry to all you builders out there.

.You can buy and sell anything you want as long as it's possible without cheats. This includes buying furniture from careers that you haven't unlocked, buying things you can't afford, etc.

.For now, aliens are not allowed. I don't have Get To Work, so I can't be sure it will work or not. If you know it will or have an alternate version to it, just ask me in the comments. Vampires, however, are allowed because I know how I can make them work because I have the pack.

-Live Mode Rules

.Again, no cheats. This doesn't include cas.fulleditmode on because in real life people can and do get plastic surgery.

.You can only control your main sim, except to move the household, get people jobs, pay the bills, plan events (birthday party only!), clean the house, and repair objects. The last four can only be done when you are a child or younger.

.When someone who is NOT your main sim has a crisis at work, you must close your eyes and choose randomly. Just beware though, this once got my main sims Dad fired!

.When your sim ages up, they can have any aspiration or traits you want. This includes all the new ones from Strangerville! I looked up all the traits and, their meanings from every pack, and none conflict with how it works. This is a pretty open challenge for you to do stuff. If you are playing Vampire Version 1 you have to choose a vampire aspiration.

.When a different sim ages up, and they have the option to choose another trait and/or aspiration, it also has to be randomized.

-Misc Rules

.If you don't want your sim to be the youngest, an only child, or a twin, you are allowed to have your main sims parents try for a baby. But immediately afterward you must switch back your control. You can't have the mother take pregnancy tests. If she is pregnant, it will tell you in 24 hours.

.If your parents or spouse has one of the careers that allow them to work from home, you must always choose for them to go to work.

-Vampire Edition

Version 1
You have to max the vampire lore skill and drink the vampire cure as an adult. The challenge then continues as normal.

Version 2
In this version you have to complete all three vampire aspirations. I recommend doing Master Vampire first, then Good Vampire, then Vampire Family.

*If you don't want your sim to be the youngest or only child, you're allowed to control the parents to have the mother get pregnant and to take care of the baby and toddler when he/she ages up*

#If you need to you can cheat your money to buy a house. Just make sure to deduct your funds to 1000 afterward! If you're lower than 1000 than just do nothing.#
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