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Interested In Modding/CC

Decided it was time to make my own stuff, instead of waiting and hoping someone else does. Of course, that means learning a new trick! So umm, where do I start? Probably going to have to learn Python, but what else? Talk to me like someone fresh off the street who knows literally nothing about programming. What programs/utilities do I need? Honestly, I don't even know how to recolor an object right now.

So umm, help?!


  • chicvibechicvibe Posts: 57 Member
    sims 4 studio is an excellent program. Do you have that yet? Sims4studio.com. Register and download. Andrew also has a section for python (including those who are new to it) so you may want to look at that.

    Basically you can create meshes with programs like Blendr (free) or Marvelous Designer (not free).

    You can recolor existing meshes with sims4studio and a 2d editor, like gimp (free) ms paint (free) paint.net (free or donate) or photoshop (not free) corel (not free) etc.

    you can make mods with zerbu's mod constructer @ zerbu.tumblr.com

    EA has a custom content guide that you can read over : https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/779844/maxis-documentation

    they feature a program called sweetscape editor (not free, but inexpensive)

    there is a start for you.

    Modthesims.info also has tools from Scumbumbo and CMAR that you can take a look at under Programs/utilities.

    chicvibe.blogspot.com Recolors and links to recovered cc archive.

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