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Rose's Rad Idea Mafia (Serial Killer Win)

TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 7,205 Member
edited March 2019 in Off Topic Chat
Welcome to Rad Idea Mafia.Here is the setup to the game.

Sign-ups will be until 2/24/19 at 6pm CST. D1 will start on 2/25/19 at 10pm CST

Main Rules:
1. I will post all my game posts in magenta. Do not post in this color.
2. This is a mafia game. You shouldn't take it personally.
3. I use when picking your cards. It's not my fault if you don't get the cards you want.
4. All times posted will be in CST (Central Standard Time).
5. I will be using the hammer mechanic. When a hammer is reached, no more votes will be counted. However, all on-topic chat will be allowed until I post the flip. The time remaining in the day hase will be added to night.
6. If there is no hammer, whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. In the case of a tie, whoever had that number of votes first will be lynched. If someone unvotes to cause the tie, the person who had more votes before the unvote will be lynched.
7. Unvoting and no lynching is allowed.
8. Bold/Capitalize your vote or it doesn't count. Please format like this: Vote: Rose or VOTE ROSE
9. Avoid talking on topic during night. You're all supposed to be asleep, after all. Talking off-topic is fine.
10. Those who have the ability to use a night action, Please PM me when it's night time. If you can't send it at night, send it during the day phase.
11. Day lasts 20 hours and Night lasts 4 hours. If someone is inactive for 2 full Days, the player will automatically be modkilled or replaced without further notification. So if you'll be away for 2+ days then PM me.
12. You must not post PM's from the host in the game thread. Paraphrasing is fine.
13. You cannot edit your post. Even if it's an irritating thing, you shouldn't. Unless I told you to do so. If you need to edit a post, quote the post and edit the quote.
14. You cannot PM anyone about the game unless I have set up the chat for you.
15. Role Claiming is allowed.
16. Please try and be as active as possible. Inactivity makes the game boring.
17. Any Newbie Players must be respected. You should be the guide for him/her.
18. If you're not in the game, whether your dead or not in the game at all, try not to talk on topic.
19. This is still The Sims Forums for us Sims Players and not a Mafia Site. You should be familiar with the forum rules.
20. By signing up, you are agreeing to these rules. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post on the thread.

Rules Regarding Replacing A Player:
1. VT's that are killed/lynched are eligible to be put on the replacement list. Town PR's lynched on D1 may also be eligible to replace. Let me know if you want to replace if needed.
2. Anyone who wants to be a replacement, let me know and you will also go on the list.
3. If I need a replacement, I will take the person at the top of the list.
4. You can only replace 1 person; so if you are killed, replace someone, and are killed again, or simply replace someone and are killed; you will NOT be put on the replacement list again.

1. Daystart
2. Balance is explicitly not guaranteed.
3. Innocent Child can only be selected as a Role of a Town-aligned card is selected as Alignemnt.
4. Any addition or removal of abilities or modifiers, and any vannillaization or treestumping takes place at the start of the next Day.
5. If there is only one Mason, that player is basically a named player.
6. One-Night roles activate only on the first night on which they would be applicable (e.g. One-Night Honest Werewolves would investigate as innocent to Seers on the first night on which they are Seen, and guilty to Seers on future nights).
7. The Replicant faction gets only one factional kill, but also has a one-shot Private Message activated daykill and rolesteal (this stolen role can be used only once).
8. The Innocent Child may PM the Mod or inform them in-thread at any time to have the Mod reveal their innocence. If informed during Pre-game, the Mod reveals that player's innocence on the start of Day 1.
9. The Governor may post target in thread during Day, before or after lynch, or PM mod a list of governor targets to take effect if a lynch occurs on them.
10. The Cult One-Shot Recruiter may not recruit a Mafia, Werewolf, or Replicant player. Any player, however, is affected by Goo.
11. All the ? card are of the replicant faction.
12. Blocked or otherwise unusable shots are refunded. X-shot Bulletproof players are not told when or if their shots are used.
13. Alignment changes are resolved before investigation results are processed, which are resolved before vanillaization/treestumping. For example, if A (a Bloodhound) investigates B (a Serial Killer), B is Psychiatristed by C (turning B into a Townie), and D Treestumps A (removing A's investigative abilities), B will first become a Town player, then A will learn that B is a Town player, then A will become a treestump, but will still get the result on B.

Refer to the setup for possible cards.
All ? cards are replicant faction. (No Aliens)
Roles to be omitted (or edited) from list:
57 will not have Alien Cop ability
68 will not have Alien Cop ability
73 will only get guilty on Replicant
92 Cannot be immune to Aliens

1. Dekay: Killed Night 1- Town Double Watcher
2. City: Killed Night 2- Mafia Compulsive Vigilante
3. Bubbz
4. Mouselline
5. Gameplay: Killed Night 1- Town Changeling
6. Icey: Vengekilled Day 2- Town Dopplehunter
7. Lluvia: Lynched Day 1- Werewolf Private Investigator
8. Kitty
9. Charlie
10. Agua: Lynched Day 2- Vengeful Townie
11. Bow Gameplay
12. Sub: Killed Night 2- Town Mason
13. Plumbob: Killed Night 2- Town Supressor
14. Wagashi: Killed Night 1- Werewolf Blood_ucker

Replacement List:

Links to Days and Nights:
Voting History:
Day 1
Final Vote Count:
Lluvia (2)- Dekay, Kitty
Bubbz (1)- Icey
Icey (1)- Bow
Day 2
Final Vote Count:
Agua (2)- Icey, Charlie
Icey (1)- Kitty
Kitty (1)- Mouselline
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