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Can't Retire?

So I've been playing for about two weeks now. My first Sim started getting the retirement popup pretty quickly. She hadn't even finished her climb to the top of the barista career yet! Then my second Sim went almost as quickly. I've been building myself toward the family of Sims I want ever since I started except I've now run into a roadblock when I'm almost there. I moved in the wife of my first Sim and the youngest child of my second Sim. I've been playing them for several days. Both have maxed out their careers. I work them almost constantly but I can't get the option to retire them. I need them out of the way so I can move in the husband of the Sim I am building my family with as well as their child. Is there something I did with the original Sims that I'm missing with these two? Why am I not getting the option to move them out yet? That popup that annoyed me so much with my original Sim seems to have left with her. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. :smile:


  • doodle_lassdoodle_lass Posts: 3 New Member
    Have you check your sims trait tab? Retire options usually pop up not far after you choose the last trait for them
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