Urbzville 2 - Electric Boogaloo (Looking for help!)

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Some of you may remember my old thread (here, most screenshots should still show up if you use the Photobucket Hotlink Fix extension). I stopped working on the world ages ago, had a new computer, lost my old forums password, yadda yadda, things have changed.

I just got access to my old HDD and yay, I can finally use the files I had for this world and play around with CAW!

The issue I initially had is however still present; I'm awful at urban planning and making maps. I would love it if someone could join me on this joint experiment and create a simple, urban world for me that's still reminescent of Urbzville, so that I can focus on building and modeling the deco lots if need be.

Thank you for your time! Please, if you're a world builder, I ask of you to consider this request. I can provide reference images and offer input!
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