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… on the post itself. I just spent time reading posts and didn't read the date until one person mentioned we were getting a bush to woohoo in with CL. Somehow this post was on the main page in the category, as if it was fairly new. Then my eyes lifted to where the date is ON THE INSIDE OF THE POST. By then, it's almost too late. Had this not been from 2015, I don't believe the date would be on each post made in that thread as most posts don't appear to have the month and year on the top of each response, if I'm not mistaken. Please, please, PLEASE find a way to post the date on the main page itself, so that as a person who frequents this forum, I can see which threads to avoid, unless I want to know the information in contains. But, I will know NOT to post up front. Seems like such a simply solution.
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    Yes, on the old TS3 and BBS it showed the original poster, the original date and the latest reply date. It was nice to know those things.
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