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Is There A Mod To Do It?

I have had two working Sims in the same household. One a Global Superstar, the other his brother-in-law. My star is making Simoleons hand over fist, to put it mildly. Brother-in-law not doing badly, either. Just not earning 10,000 a pop. I failed to tabulate how much my star has earned to date. The time finally has arrived for him to move out. I split the households after the wedding, leaving the newlyweds with the paltry amount of just about 22,000. Yeah, right. He can make more than that in a day.

I was curious to know if anyone out there has created a mod that will automatically calculate the individual Sims' income? It's a little late for this household, since they've already split, but in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation. Other than having to create a log, and being mindful to make the notation, every time the Sim in question gets paid, it's nearly impossible to figure it out.

Please, and thank you, in advance.
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