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I tried to make Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII) In The Sims 4

your_everyday_simmeryour_everyday_simmer Posts: 34 Member
Alright so here's the story-
I was bored with The Sims 4 so I decided to make a Youtuber.
But which one?
Lilly Singh.
Here's the photo I modeled her off of- [img][/img]BGhzGql.jpg THIS PHOTO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME
And here's the end result! L2izKP5.jpg
You can find her on the gallery here- 0AverageSimmer0 Lilly Singh <3
Feel free to try and make other Youtubers and post them in the comments! :smile:
Just Your Average, Everyday Simmer! My Gallery Page
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