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Forgotten Burial Mound: first tomb in France

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I discovered something about this tomb tonight and figured something out. Thought I might as well share it, even when many of you may be aware of this already :blush:
  • The thing I discovered (jaw drop) is that there's an entire floor beneath the one with the labyrinth you explore to find the baseball :o I found that out when I cheated my way into building mode due to a strange glitch (the whole tomb resetted while my sim was sleeping in the tent in there). Turns out the tomb has two other entrances I have been completely missing for more than nine years now!
  • And the second thing, while I was at it in build mode anyway, I figured I might as well improve something that has been bothering me ever since the first time I explored this tomb. In the room with the tent there's a sign saying something like "The stairs were closed behind me but fortunately I'm well prepared. I'm convinced one of these days I'll find the way out of this place". We all know the poor soul didn't manage, his skeleton is lying next to the tent. I've always been wondering whether they forgot to add the link to make the stairs actually disappear and sure enough there is a hidden floor panel directly down those stairs. It's linked to a torch that doesn't do anything though, I wonder if they made a mistake (rush rush rush ahem?). So, I fixed it and played it the way I think it was meant to be. The silly thing is that the other way out is very easy to find, stupid skeleton man, but that's a detail :p

The sign:


Going down the stairs:


I really think they meant this to happen when creating this tomb:


Oh well, I had my fun with it ;)
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