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Please Change Where the Awards From GF Go

GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 13,105 Member
Hi. I'm having a moment of consternation, here. My Global Superstar has worked very hard to get where he is and has finally won three awards. Not from the Starlight Accolades, although I do hope that will happen in the near future. Rather, his awards are from Fan Meet & Greet events (both listed as Gold Awards, and yet one of the trophies is silver). Then he hosted a very successful Charity Event and won an award for that, too. Currently, this Sim is living with family, but will be moving to his own lot very soon.

My problem, that I do hope you'll consider fixing is that the awards automatically go straight into the Family Inventory and cannot be placed into a Sims' personal inventory. When my Global Superstar moves, he loses his awards. This is unfortunate and highly unfair to the player who took the effort to help the Sim achieve it.

Please, fix the coding so that the Sim that earns the award gets it placed in their personal inventory up front. Or, if you could (and I'm not anything near a computer programmer) fix it so that those items taken from the family inventory can then be placed into the Sim of choice personal inventory.


Please and thank you, in advance.
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