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Emily's TS2 to TS3 Conversions!

Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,783 Member
I decided to convert some of my favorite clothing from TS2 to TS3. I try my best to upgrade them a bit by making the models higher poly (but not too high :tongue: ) and with some pieces I might modernize them a bit if I feel like it is a bit out of fashion. :tongue:

Anyway, thus far I have done 2 conversions:

The halter dress from "Glamour Life"
(You'll notice I shortened it quite a bit. I just felt it looked a bit too 2006 at its original length. :tongue: Do let me know if you want the long version, though! I'd be happy to oblige).

And The classic maid outfit from the base game

These two conversions (along with 17 TS4 to TS3 conversions) can be found in this set: 2.7z?dl=0

I have given each item its own folder, so if you just want the TS2 stuff, it's easy to find for you. :smiley: Hope you enjoy! There will be more to come! Let me know if you find any problems with them like clipping or anything. :smile:
My conversions (previews of each clothing item are included):
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
V2 Set 1
V2 Set 1-2


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