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Help please: CC Eyes Only Appear When I Randomise Eyes

I've created some custom eyes using S4S but now I've got issues with all of my custom eyes.

When I start creating a sim, I only have a small selection of eye colours to choose from (see below):

The list does not include the custom eye set that I created. But, if I click the randomise button a couple of times, the original list of eye colours is replaced with the eye colours that I made (see below):

Does anyone know why this is happening? How can I fix this issue? It's driving me nuts. I just want to have a list of different options and not have to warp my sims eyes in getting them to show up.


  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 4,868 Member
    Are these default eyes? You can only have one set of default eyes in your game at a time or it causes problems. Also, I don't know if it makes a difference but, the first picture appears to be in Vampire mode.
  • kittykat97kittykat97 Posts: 50 Member
    As @Bananas_45 said, make sure they're not default replacement eyes. If they are, the only way I know of to fix that is to create a new CAS standalone and reupload the textures as new swatches. Also ensure they don't have identical swatch colors as the defaults, as that can cause problems and/or just be plain confusing.
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  • NekoboyGamesNekoboyGames Posts: 31 Member
    I have this problem sometimes. I have many CC eyes, all are non-default. But sometimes, only a few will appear until I chose a different eyeshape. This is very annoying when I need to change the eyes colour but not the shape. I had an hybrid get eyes I usually only use for aliens as there is a shine painted in them that would give a normal sim a crazy look, so I went to change her eyes but only got those eyes as an option. And I have at least 3 kinds of cc Alien eyes, so it cant be bc of that.
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