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Friday Highlight February 8th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 449 EA Community Manager
What a week, Simmers! :smiley:

The game that brings us together in this virtual space turned 19 on Monday and I couldn't be happier to be part of this community! <3 - Isn't that evident looking at my festive avatar?

To celebrate, we are remembering and sharing our The Sims memories in this thread! You might want to take a look at @simgirl1010's '19th Anniversary giveaway' topic as well, or check out the latest Maxis Monthly, where SimGurus answered some questions and had some delicious looking cake :hushed:

And while we were still recovering from an emotional Monday, Tuesday brought us an update for The Sims 4, with Lunar New Year content for the base game!

'Happy Lunar New Year!', a room by @emere, perfect to illustrate the new update ;)
  • The screenshot of the week was posted in a wonderful thread that is my first recommendation: 'One room, One week, One theme'! You can find a new building challenge here every week - and right now, on page SIX HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR :open_mouth:, @rosemow is asking us to display our creativity by building an Asian themed dining room.
  • Even if decorating is not one of your strengths, all kinds of creativity is something this community can be extremely proud of. How about brainstorming some ideas for club? If you are still using clubs, or you have run out of ideas for creating new ones, I have the perfect discussion for you!: 'More clubs! Seriously, anyone still coming up with creative clubs?'
    If you excuse me, I need to go sign up for the 'Motivators' club @Beardedgeek describes in their opening post!

  • Let's continue with some cuteness! How much love can Sims show through a glance? Judge by yourself by checking out 'Find someone who looks at you like...', by @Emily4331! I can't scroll down on this thread without 'awwww'ing all the time!
  • Moving on to the polls - you really like polls, don't you? :blush: @simgirl1010 would like to know 'Do you find The Sims 4 challenging?' Many interesting points of view in the discussion, take a look and add your perspective - I just hope you are not playing with too many children right now! :D
  • To end the list, and considering it's a week when we are reflecting on our history as Simmers... another great poll I want to invite you to take part of is 'Which type of Sim player are you?', by @hunniboo1. It made me think not only of the kind of player I'm right now, but also of how my playing style has evolved over the years! Did anyone else have a 'flying houses' building phase at some point? Anyway, before I diverge too much, add your vote! ;)

And... this concludes our guided tour around some of the amazing discussions happening on the forums this week. If you came across any discussions you would like to recommend, leave a comment below and share them with everyone!

Happy anniversary weekend! :wink:


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