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Broken CC? Let me fix it for you!


  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @MantleJackal I'm a terrible person. :confounded: I'm so sorry! I haven't forgotten this shirt, I've just been so distracted. D: I promise you I will fix the clipping in this shirt tomorrow. My depression makes me lose track of time. I would've thought you asked me this 3 days ago, not 10 days ago. :confounded: Ugh. Again, so so sorry I will fix this tomorrow 100% I promise you this.

    I will note, however, that the button being spiky may not be fixable. I checked BelaloAllure's original version and it has the spiky button as well. This is likely due to them having to decimate the top at some point during creation and tiny details like buttons can be very warped and borderline destroyed by decimating. I can try to move the spiky vert to a better spot, but it might be too broken if BelaloAllure (who I typically consider a veteran creator) didn't fix it in their original version. lol But I will try my best!

    I also can't replicate that exact chest clipping in TSRW, so it might have something to do with custom sliders (or the Late Night endowments slider). Either way, I plan on just deleting more of the body underneath as I assume too much of it was left over and that should fix any clipping issues.

    Again, though, I'm so sorry this has taken me so long. :(
  • MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 353 Member

    It's all right! I know there are more important things we need to take care of first over some CC. I just assumed you were busy with real life. You're far from being a terrible person. :smile:

    And yeah, I am using the Late Night endowment sliders on the particular sim in the pictures. I assume the clipping might be caused by the fact it's a conversion from Sims 4 and the body meshes aren't the same.

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @MantleJackal Nah with most 4 to 3 conversions they delete the Sims 4 body and replace it and this shirt is no different. They actually also deleted all of the body they could, so I ended up having to just make the neck/shoulder area and the chest area a little larger to help avoid clipping. I also noticed one of the buttons near the belly stretched far too much on the larger end of the weight slider. I ended up replacing the bone assignments with ones from an EA shirt and everything seems to be in order now. :smile:


    I'm counting the file name as "fixed" too because it's just a pet peeve of mine when people put spaces in file names. Like what did the underscore ever do to these people? :lol:
  • MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 353 Member
    Thanks again for fixing the shirt!

    It looks great and no longer has any clipping.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    Yay! Glad I could help! :smiley:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @MantleJackal Thanks for sharing the link to that shirt! And I'm really glad that @Emily4331 was able to fix it because I think it's super cute. :blush:

    Played with a few patterns and colors on it and finally settled on this look for Malai. <3 Just felt like sharing with you both. :)

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 I have a few cc fix it requests again for ya if you don't mind? ;) (Seriously no rush to fix them. I can wait. :kissing_heart: )
    It's some little things on the clothes that are getting on my nerves. :grimace::lol: And I have a strong feeling you can fix them because you are awesome. :star:

    I was browsing Pink Dahlia's website again and she's(?) got a few gems on there.

    But even the gems can have some rough parts... :grimace:

    Like this beach dress for example. Super cute!



    Especially this slit on the side that shows off a little leg. :smirk:


    However the top is a little too loose for a beach dress. It doesn't seem to wanna snap to the sim's chest very well cause you can see a little uh, oopsie, from the side. (Hence the edit. :lol: )


    Also the back of the dress seems to disappear near the bottom at certain camera angles...


    But yeah if you could take a look at it that would be wonderful. :blush:
    (I've got this feeling of Deja Vu with this one. :lol: 🤷🏻‍♀️ )



    This Qipao top is lovely (looked pretty darn lovely on their website anyway... :unamused: You'll see in a bit.) but it's got some awful under-breast shadowing. :confounded:


    I'm not sure if that is fixable, but thought I would ask anyway. 🙃 And the seams look like they need a little touching up too so I was curious to see what else you might be able to do for it. :blush:


    On to a couple of men's clothing. ;)

    These tops both have the classic holes in the collars... :confounded:





    Close up:


    That's it for now. :blush: Like I said, no rush. Thanks so much. <3
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @emorrill Okay, these were mostly easy fixes.

    1. Beach Dress. Obviously too big. I shrunk it and closed the top up to hide any missing sim body underneath and minimize wardrobe malfunctions. The invisible skirt issue is cause by TS3 using shaders that cull backfaces. This dress was very high poly and the only way to get a double sided normals effect in TS3 is to solidify or duplicate the mesh/parts of the mesh and this increases poly count. Because the dress was already very high poly, I had to decimate it afterwards, but this shouldn't be visible in-game, other than potentially weird lighting in CAS.
    2. Fixed the stomach seam on the Qipao shirt. I'm not good with textures. I tried my best to fix the red version's shadows, but didn't have much luck. If you can find someone better at texture stuff than me, they could probably fix that but that is outside my wheelhouse. At least the seam is fixed and the shadows are the red version are slightly minimized.
    3. Again for the fur jacket just had to duplicate and flip the normals of the collar to get around the backfaces being culled. Should work fine. Did up poly count but it hopefully won't be an issue. Didn't think decimation was necessary here.
    4. I can't see this issue with backface culling in the last shirt you sent me. Either you sent me the wrong shirt or there is something going on in-game with it that I can't fix outside of it lol.

    Anyway DLs:

    Beach Dress:[simsoficeandfire]EllieSimple_LongBeachDress_Fix.package?dl=0
    Qipao Shirt:[simsoficeandfire]SlayClassy_QipaoTop_Fix.package?dl=0
    Fur Jacket:[simsoficeandfire]Darte77_FurSuedeJacket_Fix.package?dl=0
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 Wow! You really are awesome! :smiley: I wasn't expecting those fixes so quickly. :mrgreen: Thank you!

    Lol. I meant to mention the stomach seam on the Qipao top so I'm glad you noticed it and fixed it. :lol: I'll take a look at it in game soon, but I would imagine the shadows are a little better now. ;) A lot of it could be due to the pixelation issues that came with Windows 10 updates...

    I knew I should've pointed out the problem area on that last shirt for ya... :confounded: Because yeah it's a little hard to see. Here ya go:

    ^You can see the wall through that opened part there...

    I'm pretty sure I directed you to the proper DL for the shirt cause the pattern in the picture is the same as on the shirt on the download page. 👍🏻
    ^If you click on the second picture you'll see, and also see the backface culling a little bit on her own picture there. :joy:

    Thank you again. <3

    If I see anymore messes with these clothes I know exactly who I'm going to. ;)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 Or hold up. :p Maybe it's this shirt...guess they both have similar patterns.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    edited June 6
    @emorrill Lol yes I can see the hole, but thanks for the big red circle. :tongue: I'm saying There is no visible backface culling at that angle in Blender. You aren't seeing the backface culling in her second preview picture either. That is the way the shirt sits and the way it is visible from the front.

    It's a little hard to see backface culling in Blender because everything is grey. But you can see here that the shirt is entirely closed up with no visible backface culling near the neck where your screenshot would suggest there is. The only visible backface culling I can see is under the collar and hardly visible.

    This is the shirt from the front. Again, no visible backface culling beyond under the collar where it is hardly noticeable.

    The reason is looks like it might be culling in the preview pic on the creator's site is that the shirt sits low in the back. So there just isn't geometry where you think it's being visible culled in the preview pic:

    I deleted the sim neck so you can see better: the only culling is under the collars and inside the shirt:

    All those pics were taken with backface culling enabled in Blender, so if those backfaces were being culled they'd be invisible like in-game.

    I've looked at the shirt again in TSRW and compared it to your pic and I don't think it's the same shirt. I'll check the other shirt you linked.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @emorrill So, yes, the second shirt you linked is the correct one. It isn't shown in the preview pics on the site, but the base pattern is the same. It'll have to wait because looking at this shirt in's a mess. And I kinda hate it. But that's okay. I'm just too tired and crabby to deal with it right this second. :tongue:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 Ohhhh ok. I see. 👍🏻 Sorry I misunderstood. :p

    Lol, sorry the actual shirt is a mess. :lol: Like I said before, no rush. :kissing_heart: Thanks!
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @emorrill Okey dokey. Sorry it took me so long. I don't know if this shirt had to be decimated, but it certainly seems like it did because it was a mess. Not the backface culling, that's perfectly normal, but there were random sharp edges around the neckline that made selecting entire edges annoyingly difficult. So I opted instead to just duplicate, resize, and flip the normals of parts of the mesh I found the backface culling to be most noticeable. There are still some triangles flipped at random on the inner back collar that are being culled making little triangular holes in the mesh, but they are mostly hidden by the sim neck and hair, so I didn't touch those. :lol:

    This means a higher poly count. 21k vs 27k (with morphs. if you're curious, the mesh without morphs is 9k ish. Each morph state duplicates the mesh, so a mesh with 9k polycount + fit, fat, and thin = 27k polys total).

    Anyway, that is still within a range where it shouldn't explode or anything, but the parts I had to duplicate might cause strange shading in CAS. Just know it's probably just a CAS issue. lol

  • budewarminbudewarmin Posts: 371 Member
    edited June 9
    Hello Emily!

    I was wondering if you could look at this item:
    Its some horns you converted for kids. I have been using them a lot as I love them, but somehow still didn't notice until now that the low/mid level of detail has another mesh to it. Like instead of the small horns they become big and curly when I zoom out.
    Could you pretty please look at it? :):):)
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @budewarmin Here you go. Sorry about that. I often only do high/very high LOD because the other LODs are very seldom seen and aren't going to be distracting to me. Though I understand how they might be for someone else.
  • budewarminbudewarmin Posts: 371 Member
    You're so awesome, thanks! <3
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 Thank you, thank you. <3 I appreciate your efforts to make it better. Sorry it was a mess of a shirt. :lol:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 Hey girl. Sorry it's me again :p with one more teensy weensie little well not really fix...

    I'm super curious how this shirt would look without the turtleneck undershirt. 🙃 Do you think you could remove it for me and satisfy my curiosity? ;)


    Thank you. :kissing_heart:

  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,849 Member
    @emorrill Sorry this is taking a bit. I have to redo all the texturing and keep being faced with emotionally taxing things that make me not want to do texturing when I finally find a peaceful second. :lol:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    @Emily4331 I understand completely. No worries. <3 Take care of yourself first. :kissing_heart:
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,326 Member
    Emily still finding cool cc and the other Emily fixing it for us! (Wait, original Emily and other Emily?! Which is which! :smirk: ) Thanks for being on the job. Now I gotta go download all the fixes.

    and BTW, hi! Life has gotten insane but I had to head back over here to talk to everyone about the new 'Life by You' game that is rockin' the sims 3 vibes and making me crazy having to wait until September to play it!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    Hey @ZeeGee ! :smiley: Always great to see you on here. <3 I hope the weather has been behaving itself in your neck of the woods. ;)

    Not sure which of us Emily's came on the forum first, but I think we both have the Ancient Membership so we're equal. :lol: 👍🏻

    Hope you're doing well and feeling better @Emily4331 :kissing_heart:
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