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Willow Creek 100% Overhaul!!!

Hello! I just finished completely recreating the world of Willow Creek. I thought I would celebrate here and share my future plans.

First of all, this is not available as a save file YET. I am wanting to at least finish recreating Newcrest and Oasis Springs before making this available at all, but will more likely wait until I recreate every world entirely.
This recreation is 100% new. It contains none of the original builds OR families. I know getting rid of the families might be unpopular, but I wanted the file I eventually release to be a completely new experience for simmers. This means that I demolished, evicted, and deleted everything you get in the default world. All of these builds are my own with inspiration from other simmers, real life houses, and maxis creations. The families in Willow Creek are diverse, but not as much as in the other worlds I've been working on. This world is very family-oriented.
This world has no CC and contains content from ONLY these packs: Jungle Adventure, Cats and Dogs, City Living, Laundry Day, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff, Parenthood, Seasons, Get Together, Get To Work, and Spa Day. I buy packs sporadically, since I can't afford them often, and so you will find that even if you don't have all the packs, many of the builds will use only 3 or 4 packs, while newer builds use almost all of them. Obviously, I do not yet have Get Famous, Outdoor Retreat or Vampires, so this means I have not started to work on Del Sol Valley, Granite Falls, or Forgotten Hollow. I will likely have these packs before I finish, but if I do not, I will release the unfinished file and update it later.

Please tell me what you think of my overhaul! If you are interested in seeing a particular build or some of the highlights of the world, please let me know. I'm happy to post pictures, but didn't want to open this discussion too picture-heavy. I have a couple photos I will share later of the park and the main community building street. Also, what do you think of my save file idea? Would you like me to release early incomplete versions and update as I complete each world or would you rather wait for the real deal? Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoy!


  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    The houses look really nice :) For a save file, I feel most players would rather it complete, but you can do it however you want.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 31,632 Member
    Awesome project! I'd definitely love to see the remaining families and also closeups of the new lots.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    I think it's a great idea. I've played with some other save games out there to try them out.
    Love that you have a single dad and have done a backstory there, very nice. I also notice there might actually be an empty starter home available. Would be good to have a place for people to start off their sim in. Of course they could use the other worlds also.

    The main problem I run into in downloading save games is the world population that I've run across so far is always set to unlimited with a lot of big families. I usually start lagging when I attempt to play it the way it's set up so I have to go in and weed families for awhile.
    I also suggest keeping a number of homes empty as you go along for the future and having some more starters here and there.

    If you find a place to put this up for download let us know! I wouldn't mind playing with it prior to completion...
  • QueenofMyshunoQueenofMyshuno Posts: 1,506 Member
    This looks amazing!
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  • AceOfKnavesAceOfKnaves Posts: 173 Member
    I can tell you put in a lot of work and it looks great, the townies do as well. :3

    I like that you also added a cafe and another community (Sorry, not sure what this is?) in place of that lackluster museum. Nice to see a world not full of someone's cc or a bunch of cheats.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,807 Member
    edited February 2019
    Very nice. I like it. I've done the same thing because after 4 years I've lots of houses and sims I want to use and a laptop that can handle this type of Save. I've made mine as a British suburb with rich and poor areas and they all have gardens as we like boundaries! My Sims tend to start off in Newcrest with a tent and outside loo! :)

    You are not the only one getting rid of original families and Sims. It's the first thing I do - plus those "not in world" too.
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  • IreneLudwigIreneLudwig Posts: 125 Member
    Your Willowcreek overhaul looks amazing! It must have taken a long time. The Montague/Capulet storyline reminds me of the families in Veronaville from TS2 :smile:
  • Missimay94Missimay94 Posts: 45 Member
    Looks great :)
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,918 Member
    Amazing job! People like you on the forum have inspired me to start redoing my own neighborhoods so that they're just the way I want them. 😊 I love the back stories, especially because different family stories interact with each other, which is something I've missed since TS2.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 25,519 Member
    While I don't play the premades, the Capulets I recognize from Sims2. Nice throwback. ;)
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,273 Member
    Your makeover of Willow Creek looks very great! :) It would have taken you quite a long time and much work to complete all the builds and create the Sims! It is a very special world that displays your creativity :)
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    @Hermitgirl Thanks for your feedback! I know what you mean with overpopulation issues. It's true that Willow Creek is quite full, but the other worlds are going to be far more empty. My own laptop isn't powerful enough for many sims, so the cap is at 150 and so far there are around 100 sims. My goal is to have at least one starter home per world and at least 5 empty lots. In Willow Creek, there is actually another starter home for a large family, but a household is already in it. So, if you evict the Everetts, you have a choice between two starters.

    Thanks again for your comment :blush:
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    @GalacticGal @IreneLudwig I actually had NO idea that there were Capulets in TS2! I never had a PC that would run the game, so I started with TS4. It's an interesting coincidence haha! My Capulet/Montague storyline is actually just because I was reading Romeo and Juliet and thought it would be interesting if the families reconnected in the future after making up. Thanks for letting me know, anyway! Maybe I'll research different families to revive in my other worlds!
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    @AceOfKnaves Thank you! I built the "Blank Slate Art Centre" to replace the museum. I thought it would be fresh to have a newer looking build in Willow Creek. Here are a few pictures!

    Sorry for the images having build mode showing. My in-game screenshot tool isn't working.
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    Awesome project! I'd definitely love to see the remaining families and also closeups of the new lots.

    Thanks so much! I'm happy to show you the families! I'm in love with the Bellphasts, McGraths, and Caudils, although the other families are wonderful, too. Here are their stories!

    I think I'll post some of the build pictures in a different comment. Are there any specific builds you wanted to see?
  • tinahjalmartinahjalmar Posts: 1,595 Member
    I love all this! I love this world!
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 31,632 Member
    edited February 2019
    I'd love it if you could start with the library. I love commercial/community lots that look like residential lots on the exterior.

    Also are you intending on playing all your families?
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  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    @simgirl1010 The library is one of my favourites! I think I might play some of the families once I finish the save, but the world is mostly intended to be a new backdrop for players to get a new experience from TS4. Still, I might play rotational for awhile once all my hard work is done.

    Sorry again for the build mode display. I'm really trying to figure out how to fix the screenshot issue.
  • AceOfKnavesAceOfKnaves Posts: 173 Member
    whimreaper wrote: »
    @AceOfKnaves Thank you! I built the "Blank Slate Art Centre" to replace the museum. I thought it would be fresh to have a newer looking build in Willow Creek. Here are a few pictures!

    Sorry for the images having build mode showing. My in-game screenshot tool isn't working.

    It's really nice, and no oddly placed furniture where any sims may get stuck, lol. Can't wait to see it finished. ^^
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,807 Member
    Is your library available for download? If it isn't it has given me some ideas!

    It reminds me of one of my first jobs in a UK Carnegie library which was a small one but still imposing and with no thought for staff comfort in a cold climate. It was built in 1903 but in red brick, fashionable at the time.

    It's still standing as it is now a Grade 2 listed building with better heating! :) .
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 31,632 Member
    Love your library! Especially the separate space for children.
    TS Forever 💚
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 10,915 Member
    Wow, that's a big project! Must have taken some time. Houses looks nice, and it's fun to compare them with what is on the same address in my own save :)
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  • FlethroFlethro Posts: 18 Member
    It's great to see so much effort and creativity, well done!
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  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    @Simburian My library IS available for download. It's under #whimreaper and #willowcreek on the gallery. I also uploaded a few of my other builds from this world using the same hashtags! Thanks for your comment!
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 361 Member
    Hey! I just wanted to post the pictures of the community lot street and park since my screenshots appear to be working again. Here they are!ooco57c.png
    The park looks strange on the map without terrain paint, so that's the main reason I wanted to post a picture of what it actually looks like.
    This should give an idea of the builds on the community lot street. The library and cafe are my favourites.
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