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Sprucer-Upper Challenge: A Play To Build Challenge

This a challenge not a competition. Inspired by my son who wanted to build a playable apartment. Option one is meant to be very difficult and maddening. Option two was inspired by @EuphorialQueen for a more enjoyable game play experience.

Choose a 20x15 Newcrest lot

Aging off for household. World Sims your choosing

Option One: The Madhouse
Option One:"It's a Madhouse!"

Household of 8

Budget: a household of 8 starts with 34,000 simoleons. Use this amount to build your starter apartment complex. Have no more than 100 simoleons left in reserve when finished.

The apartment building  must always have 8 sims. In this version, you begin with a starter 5 level apartment complex and working your way to fulfilling the goals of the challenge while controlling all 8 sims. See "The Set Up" and "The Assignments" below for the requirements.

Option Two: Less Maddening:
Option Two:"Less Maddening"

Start with a Superintendent and Owner(s).

Budget: Have no more than 100 Simoleons left in reserve after building your starter complex. You must build and furnish the two levels for the Super and Owner(s) to begin the challenge.

Super's and Owner's apartments must be furnished with all buy and build objects listed in "The Set Up" instructions below.

All building objects must be included in the build at the beginning of the challenge.

Build up current sims skills and simoleons.

Each starter apartment must be completed with build requirements before tenants can be "asked to move in" by Super or Owner.

Add Tenants by "inviting to move in" social option with either the Superintendent or Owner(s).

Floors can be changed in arrangement  for tenants as you build. Example: Super can be move to lowest basement/Owner(s) penthouse can be moved from ground floor to 5th level, etc.

Any simoleons that come with new tenants may be added to the household funds.  

Tenants can be added at the pace you choose.

End with 8 sims in your household.

See "The Assignments" for tenant placement.  

Access to specific apartments can opened to all complex members, if you wish.

The Set Up:
The Set-Up:

Your apartment building must have 5 levels: (2 levels for Option Two)

Stairwell for access to each floor.

Individual apartments Must Haves:

Buy Mode Objects :
# of beds for each sim in the assigned apartment.
counter space for cooking
table or kitchen island/chairs or bar stools
trash can
Fire Alarm

Building objects:[/u]
Sprinkler System (on exterior of complex)
Thermostat - if Seasons is owned. (in the Super's apartment)
Outdoor Trashcan (access for all)

Access to each apartment must only allow the Super and the specific tenants in each floor.

Common Areas:

All sims are allowed to interact with all objects and household members.

In the beginning, common areas will be the open space on the lot. As you earn simoleons and expand the apartment complex these common areas could be enclosed spaces. Examples: Patio, pool, garden, etc.

Individual Apartment Floor Plan Example: On the Cheap by EuphorialQueen #EQCreations #OneRoomLiving Download

Apartment Example: The Super's Sprucer-Upper #BGsCreations #SprucerUpper  Download
The floor plan is a suggestion. Your apartment complex must only allow the tentants and the super access to their assigned apartments.

The Assignments:
The Assignments:

The Super (YA/A/E)

Lowest Basement: Assign to your Superintendent. (or first basement if playing option two)

Must complete Aspirations: Nerd Brain or Renaissance Sim (Satisfaction Reward: Connections, strongly suggested)

Duties:The Super pays the bills/repairs/upgrades/cleans apartments. The Super can always repair and clean on all floors.

Travel: The Super may not travel out of the neighborhood unless for a job or to complete his specific aspirations.

Tenants that live in an apartment may clean/do dishes/etc. No repairs or upgrades to objects (Super only. Exception:Tenant can upgrade or repair to complete aspiration)

If gardening a Patchy the Strawman may be purchases but lock all apartment doors to him if friendship meets appropriate level.

Owner(s) (YA/A/E)

Third Floor (5th level): Penthouse (or ground floor if starting with option two)

Must complete Fabulously wealthy or Mansion Baron Aspirations (for each sim in apartment)

Travel: Open (Jungle Adventure travel only open to Owner(s), if you have it)

Romantic Relationships with tenants is allow but strongly discouraged!

Occupation: Any

Tenants: (T/C/T/YA/A/E)

Tenants may be in any combination that you would like to play. Occult Sims are allowed.

Basement: Apt 1

Ground Floor: Apt 2

Second Floor: Apt 3

All Tenants may:

Have any occupation

Aspirations your choice

Travel: Open , Except for Jungle Adventures

May have romantic relationships with other tenants.

May only visit the apartment in which they live. (Lock doors for specific sims)

Tenants may be moved in between apartments (roommates, romantic, families, etc) Except the Super or Owner(s)

The Rules:

Play with no cheats (needs/money/ etc)

No Third Party Mods that may ease the difficulty of or give an advantage to the challenge.

Super must be able to pay the bills each week. If the bills can't be paid then your sims will have to live with the consequences.

Sims may be aged up, if you so desire.

All jobs are open.

Tenants may upgrade objects if need to complete aspirations.

Superintendent may mentor tenants in handiness after maxing the handiness skill. Tenants can repair/upgrade any object while being mentored.

All aspiration rewards may be used.

You may not hire a maid/repairman/butler/nanny/gardener.

Lot can be saved and moved to a larger lot in any world, if so desired.

The Goals:

Complete the required aspirations (2) for the Super and the Owner(s).

Spruce up your apartment! (350,000 value) Let's track this in Build/Buy Mode in the Lot Info Panel


Add some landscaping

Add some community areas

Get Creative!

Upload and share your starter apartment or your finished apartment. Use the hashtag #SprucerUpper

Don't forget to share your household too! #SprucerUpper[/b]


The doors do unlock. It seems random. I have noticed it happening after going in and out of buy/build or traveling off lot.

Replacing the doors helps for a while. It adds to the chaos. If you don't want the stress let the sims roam as they please.
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