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ReShade 3.4 -- menu not appearing in game?


I'm attempting to install ReShade for the first time.
I'm not exactly sure why the menu isn't showing up when I press Shift+F2, nor the boot message on the corner of the screen.

I think it may be because I had installed this: http://brntwaffles.tumblr.com/post/108929275592/click-the-pictures-to-see-the-full-quality-a-new
[Brntwaffles SweetFX settings] around three weeks before today.
I've tried downloading the DirectX runtime needed for ReShade as my first fix option. I then tried to remove the SweetFX file [and the FX file that came with the download] from my Game Bin folder, which I then realized caused my game to crash on startup.
I put it back in of course, and it runs fine.
If this is the case, then could someone tell me how to uninstall it? I'm running a Windows 10, 64-bit build of the latest game update.

I'm using ReShade 3.4, and attempting to install Bloomlet's Summer Skeletons preset.

Thank you!


  • CarawynnCarawynn Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi - I had this issue - turns out the hotkey to open it is the "home" button for me. Not sure why! Maybe it will work for you
  • thesimmer14thesimmer14 Posts: 359 Member
    Hm. Unfortunately, pressing the home button [the Windows key on my laptop] didn't quite work. :/

    Is this something that must be done in fullscreen mode?
  • CarmillaVampireCarmillaVampire Posts: 15 Member
    If you have a laptop, the key combination to open the ReShade menu is different. You must press the key Fn + shift + caps lock + F2 all at the same time and the menu will open.
  • Gemmie12Gemmie12 Posts: 249 Member
    edited September 2020
    I run the game on a laptop, but I use an desktop keyboard so my reshade default is set to home. though I added the control key before home so as to not bring my sims house's walls up in the process.
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  • BuildingTheSimsBuildingTheSims Posts: 92 Member
    just for the record, reshade is a mod. but its not a "sims mod". it was created for video games in general.
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