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[Console] January 31st, 2019 patch notes

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Update: 01/31/2019 – v1.13

Hello Simmers!

Happy New Year! What do you mean that was over a month ago? How is it February already? Anyway, we are on track to keep our New Year's resolutions on track with this update that kicks off 2019 with new features for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Simmers along with even more content coming, like Get Famous.

What’s New?
  • Ever wanted to create your own secret subterranean base or mountain top lair? No? Just us? Well, whatever you chose to do you can do it with the new terrain manipulation tools. To start having greater control of your builds simply: Select Build > Terrain Tools then select the shovel icon and get landscaping.
  • Sometimes I sit back and think what it must be like being a Sim living in a Sims’ world. Then we added first person view into The Sims 4 and now I can see everything my humanoid Sims see, from their perspective. Simply select your preferred Sim and press and hold R3 (PlayStation 4) / RS (Xbox One) for a second and you’ll see the world through your Sims’ eyes. Press and hold again to return to the normal view of the world.
  • Your Sim can start their career as a Style Influencer. Starting out as an observer and reporter of currents trends, you’ll work your way up to defining what all the coolest Sims are wearing.
  • Millie Bobby Brown is visiting The Sims 4 and is available in My Library to add to your Worlds.
  • Baby Ariel hoodie, sweatshirt and crop top clothing options are ready to attire your Sims in CAS.
  • We have a whole new tutorial system which should help new Simmers , and perhaps even veteran Simmers, get to grips with the game, the controls and features of The Sims 4 that you might not have known about.
  • There is a whole lot of celebration going on in the Holiday Celebration Pack with new objects, decorations, clothing and a Yeti, or if you opt for it in a different color scheme, a Bigfoot. You can quickly find all the new Holiday Pack items by using the filter in the sort options.
  • If you don’t feel like celebrating just yet, there are new hair styles, clothing items and even new recipes for your Sims to cook.
  • When someone asks you what you do for a living, do you tell them the truth or do you come up with something more exotic like “Social Media Influencer”? If you can’t bring yourself to explain, fear not as you can now name your own career. Simply use your Sim’s phone to Register with the Ministry of Labor, and add the job title and description to whatever suits your lifestyle.
  • Lin-Z, The Sims’ very own Smart Speaker. Listen to music, play trivia, order a pizza and control your lights with this new gadget to name a few of the Features of the Future!.
  • There is a new “Show Whims” option that you can find in the Game Options menu under Gameplay. Show or hide your Sims’ whims at your whim.
  • The Simology Panel has had an overhaul. Now you can expand and collapse sections of the panel to show the information that is the most important to you while hiding everything else until you need it.
  • The Relationship Panel has a new filter so not only can you can see who are your real friends and family but you can filter your relationships to show who are your Coworkers.
  • MORE community created creations, including some from our very own SimGurus, have been added into My Library for you to enjoy. As @SimGuruJill's CletusBobs would say, Wooooo Dawggy!!!

General Issues
  • When you take the hammer to your Lot you probably don’t always want to remove individual objects one at a time. Select and drag will now allow you to remove larger areas of objects in one go. Of course, you can still remove one at a time, if you prefer.
  • Collecting things is always fun and did you know, The Sims 4 has lots of Collections to complete? For example, you can not only collect all ten Sugar Skulls, you can show them off with pride in their own display case.
  • Gardeners were very particular about when they would come and tend your garden, usually when your plants were almost dead. Now, you can hire a gardener if you have plants on your lot.
  • Randomly generated neighborhood Sims have expanded their tastes in clothing and won’t limit their choices to just City Living and Vampires.
  • Some Sims just aren’t fans of the sunshine and would rather live underground, if they could. Well two levels doesn’t leave a lot of room to get away from the world, how about FOUR levels deep? You got it.
  • Children who need help from another Sim to spray a monster under their bed could previously only select from Adult aged Sims. They can now select from Sims of other ages as well.
  • Foundations on buildings were previously lit upside down. Now they’re lit right-side up!

Get to Work
  • Retail counters that become dirty can now be cleaned once again.
  • Doctors will no longer be assigned a nurse’s outfit as their work clothes when reaching level 7 of their career.
  • As a detective, attempting to fingerprint a criminal that’s inside a jail cell will no longer cause the detective to idle in place.
  • Male Sims wearing steel toed boots paired with a skirt (I don’t understand the world of fashion) would previously have their legs disappear.
  • Scolding a Sim for inappropriate behavior while on an owned retail lot will no longer cause your own Sim to become uninvited and unable to access the building’s interior on their retail lot.
  • The “Lice Cold Retail Freezer”, and the “Cat Loves Food Inc. Professional Grade Warming Rack” will once again update their appearance when food is placed inside them.

Get Together
  • Baristas will now leave the Cafe lot once their work shift is over.

City Living
  • Haggling over prices with vendors at stalls will now result in the correct price being displayed that the household will actually be charged.
  • Holiday decorations (requires The Sims 4 Seasons) that can’t be removed will no longer appear on apartment balconies.
  • Tricksy little gnomes will no longer spawn outside your apartment unit during the Holiday Gnomes tradition (requires The Sims 4 Seasons).
  • Made improvements to simulation lag in certain San Myshuno neighborhoods.
  • Plants at festivals will grow harvestables that are ripe for picking once again.

Cats & Dogs
  • Cats do as they please, they shouldn’t ever get stuck on the top of surfaces if you lecture them about jumping on surfaces. Doesn’t mean they won’t jump on surfaces when you aren’t looking though.
  • You want a particular color of whiskers on your cat? So be it, your cats will retain the whiskers color you assign to them in Create-a-Sim.
  • Elbows should only bend in certain, expected, ways regardless of what T-Shirt you are wearing.

  • Sims will no longer have difficulty decorating the Ever Delightful Evergreen Holiday Tree when it’s placed adjacent to certain wall decorations.
  • Sims may now WooHoo in leaf piles that build up outside of a lot.
  • When raining, NPCs will now correctly put their umbrellas away when going indoors on venues.
  • Father Winter will no longer choose to move into a home in your town.
  • Each color of the “Umbri Umbrella Rack” now costs the same amount of simoleons to purchase.
  • Gnomes will no longer break unbreakable objects.

Outdoor Retreat
  • When using Manage Worlds to edit a lot in a destination world, the Build Mode catalog will no longer show debug items without using a cheat.

Dine Out
  • Repairmen that are called to restaurants will now properly fix any broken objects on the lot.
  • The Jazz radio station is now available on all stereos.

  • Vampires will no longer attempt to “break in” to venues, which was previously preventing players from traveling or saving their game during the break in.
  • Vampires who started burning in the sunlight while traveling away from home will no longer continue to burn when returning home and retreating inside.
  • Adjusting a Vampire’s Dark Form can no longer occasionally cause issues with the Sim’s other outfits.
  • Vampires will no longer automatically help themselves to a plate of food after cooking a Family or Party sized meal.

  • German and Polish Simmers, we have good news. You can now use the Volunteer option in your Sims’ phone and give Sim time to the cause that appeals to you the most.
  • The low hanging “Mason Multi-Jar Lighting” will no longer cause Sims to route fail when placed in rooms using medium height walls.

Jungle Adventure
  • Sims will no longer receive invites to the bar in Selvadorada, which would previously leave them stranded in the jungle.
  • Only one protective item will now be consumed at a time when it’s used to save a Sim from various animal attacks while exploring the jungle of Selvadorada.
  • The Latin Music radio station is now available to select on cheaper stereos.
  • The Cantina venue in Selvadorada will continue playing festive Latin music, even if your Sim chooses to not pay their household bills on time.
  • Sims will no longer route fail when attempting to unpack their sack lunch while exploring the hidden areas of Selvadorada.
  • The explorer shirt will no longer cause oddly colored patches of skin to appear on the back of Sims’ necks.
  • Tooltips on relics should now correctly appear after a Sim has learned about the relic’s curse or blessing.
  • The value of a relic that has a crystal inserted into it will now display properly in the relic’s tooltip to include the value of the crystal.
  • We tightened up the graphics on the Selvadorada map icon.

Kids Room Stuff
  • Songs on the Tween Pop radio station are now labeled with the correct artist and song title.

PlayStation 4
  • We found that bloom effects on the PlayStation 4 weren’t working as intended, now they do... Blooming lovely!

I expect you probably want to go and try out those new features so it’s time to close this out and let you dig in.
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