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Can we get a pride update?

There is really nothing unisex.egKSQZt.png


  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 31 Member
    What does unisex have to do with "pride" and why would one specific subset of humanity need to get an update whilst others do not? I don't think that there should be any event or update for anyone, just official events in the global calendar as seems to be the case ATM.
  • _Bulma__Bulma_ Posts: 49 Member
    I wouldn’t mind some unisex stuff. I don’t think it should specifically be about LGBT pride but having more wardrobe options is always a win.

    @Heronyx If you don’t want to use unisex items for both male & female sims, you can just use it only for one and it will be like nothing has changed.
    My love has wings, slender feathered things, with grace and upswept curve and tapered tip.


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