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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Since becoming a level 10 witch and getting the Magic Hands reward, Brittany now has access to many powerful spells. Sunday evening, she spent some time sharpening her skills.

    Upstairs, James and Rebecca, his great niece, had a pillow fight as Rebecca had a wish to do so.

    Brittany is getting about a third of her upgrades done, using a list on the Sims Wiki to make sure we get them all.

    Andrew went over to welcome the newest Sim, Felicity Bishop (made by @CravenLestat ) to Twinbrook. As soon as he got there though, the full moon turned her into a zombie.

    After curing her, they both felt attracted to each other. However, Andrew may be evil but he does not cheat on his wife.

    Felicity did not like that Andrew was friendly as it doesn't fit with being evil. Andrew didn't like the fact that Felicity is mean spirited. After leaving her, I got these notifications about her. First, she adopted a cat she named Mr. Pickles. Second, she joined the criminal career so she is Andrews coworker now. Third, she went steady with Shark Racket but then got into a fight with him. Guess who I'm inviting to all future parties in Twinbrook? :D

    Rebecca talked to Pansy Prudence who was still visiting the family. Pansy kept going on about lighting matches but Rebecca was too tired to care.

    Derek became a wizard (not using witch for a male) although he is not as powerful as his wife is yet.

    When Brittany realized she was pregnant, she went to tell Derek. Derek hates children and he was angry that he would be a father. Brittany and Derek had their first fight over this.

    Brittany decided to cool him down a bit and cast an Ice Blast Spell on him, making him cold for two hours but otherwise he was fine.
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    Update Part 2

    James finally let his IF, Emily, out to explore the world again. The plan is to rebuild their relationship first and foremost.

    Jennifer had just finished eating and she talked to Derek while he ate. Rebecca was busy with homework while Brittany played an online game with friends.

    James got promoted again, this time to Band Manager. He wiped his nose on his hand so that's why his hand is up.

    Derek and Brittany are fine with each other now. They kissed in the snow but Derek was standing on uneven ground and it looks like he is kissing her nose. Eventually, they ended up in bed together.

    Since being on maternity leave, Brittany has worked on even more upgrades. This time she improved the speakers on the stereo.

    Derek got promoted as well to level 4 in the writing career. He isn't too far away from finishing this book.

    Brittany was going to do another tutoring session with Pansy Prudence when she went into labor, with a paparazzi right there on the porch.

    Baby number three is here. Welcome to the world, Jacob Kahn!

    Rebecca has been painting some during her free time. Today is also her birthday and school was cancelled due to the snow!

    Just shortly before aging up.

    I don't think so, Rebecca. That isn't a very good look.

    Much better. I can't believe she is a young adult already.
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    Last update for now

    The family, except Andrew and the baby, ate cake together. After I exited Tab view, I saw that Andrew had went to another table.

    Derek had to help take care of Jacob whether he liked it or not. He didn't like it but oh well. Oh, and Jacob inherited their witch abilities.

    James decided to give his IF, Emily, a Metamorphium Potion.

    Emily barely became a real Sim when she got kicked out of the house. Llandros did the same thing so the dolls will go away, so this is what I'll be doing from now on as well, unless I want to tie another into the family like I did with Jennifer.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Andrew accidentally broke the stereo so Brittany spent Snowflake Day morning fixing it up. She hasn't made it unbreakable yet.

    Rebecca ate breakfast with her mother and they had a nice little chat.

    Today was also her graduation since she aged up in the last update. She'll start the business career on the following Monday.

    Andrew decided to workout after Brittany fixed the stereo. He is at level 9 athletics.

    Brittany had a huge house fire that took her most of the afternoon and evening to put out, due to lag. In all, it took 10 sim hours to put it out.

    Jacob aged up during that time. Only Jennifer was there to witness it and I didn't have time to change his hair and clothes.

    Andrew finally completed his lifetime wish and became the Emperor of Evil. Now his family hates him and boos at him all the time.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Brittany decided to teach Jacob to use the potty. She's going to make sure that Derek does his part, even if he doesn't want to.

    Today was Andrew's birthday. In the background, Brittany shows her dislike for the new Emperor of Evil.

    "What in Watchers name am I wearing?"

    "Now this is more like it, my signature look!"

    Everyone ate cake together at the dining table except for James, who was at work.

    Next it was Jennifers turn. Luckily she kept her hairstyle at least.

    I tried to get her hair back to normal but I think it may be a bit off. I'll go into a previous save and get her exact coloring later today.

    It's a little dark but James got promoted again today, this time to Music Talent Scout. He'll be going the rock star route next promotion.

    Just a random picture of Brittany holding Jacob. Now that it is spring, maybe she can take Derek for a stroll.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Brittany decided to start working on the inventing skill. She then quit the fire department to join the Inventor Career. Since she is so rich, she can just buy scrap if she needs it, except for the skill challenge where you have to collect 1000 scrap pieces.

    Andrew took a jog, trying to get the last skill point in athletics. He also retired, even though he just became Emperor. This is so he can rebuild his relationships with the family as well as enjoy his elder days.

    Derek got forced by me to take care of his son. Derek treats Jacob well, at least. Andrew keeps trying to steal his candy though. :D

    Brittany tutored German Wolf to help him with his school homework, but when he had to go home, Brittany tutored Bill Racket in the cooking skill, raising him to level halfway to level 3.

    Derek also got forced to teach Jacob to walk. Since Brittany is really good friends with her son, she thinks this will build Derek and Jacob's bond.

    I had Brittany throw a protest which she hasn't done since university. This is mainly so she can learn the inventing skill faster. I am only making her do them when she needs to level up quicker.

    Rebecca got her first promotion in the Business career. She should have a good chance to reach the top of the career.

    Jennifer got promoted as well. She could retire but she wants to try and make it to World Renowned Surgeon if she can. Beside her is Emily, her coworker/Andrew's IF.

    I was checking on Andrew and saw he autonomously wanted to use the megaphone to wake James up. Since he was already there, I just let it happen.

    Brittany finally unlocked on invention. Now she can at least have something to sell on Saturday. This is the toy dog, which to me looks like it was built out of a mailbox.

    Afterwards I sent her over to the junkyard to get working on collecting 1000 scrap pieces. I believe she got 83/1000 so we got a long way to go. Looking online at what things you can invent, I'm excited over a few of them.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update (Part One)

    Brittany has been doing well with her inventing skill. She has invented around 10 or so different things altogether.

    Later on, the family headed to the Spring Carnival for a family photo then for some dancing. Later in the week, I got a notification that Rebecca and James got Dance Queen and King, respectively.

    Derek didn't do any dancing, he took care of Jacob instead and let him ride the bumblebee spring rider.

    After a day of fun, Brittany grilled out hotdogs and served to the family. They then went home and went to bed.

    On Friday, Jacob had his birthday party.

    Jacob aged up well. All I had to do after these were taken is change his clothes, although he kept the PJ's seen here.

    The family ate the cake together except for Rebecca and Jennifer who were at work. Even the maid ate with them. Brittany decided that she would give Jacob a MultiTab for his birthday, one that belonged to a former family member (Not sure which one).

    Rebecca got another promotion, this time to level 3 in the business career.

    Jacob wanted to learn to fish so I sent him over to the river which is in walking distance to the family home. He caught a few fish, including a jellyfish.
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    Part Two

    So you have to detonate 150 objects, huh? Well, this is my answer, a room for a shower if you blow yourself up and 150 balloons. I just made it very quickly and didn't care what it looked like.

    First attempt and she did blow herself up. Luckily I added the shower.

    Jacob's birthday was also Derek and James. Derek aged up soon after going to bed and James aged up right after work.

    Selling her objects after spending the night detonating got her to level three in the career.

    While she was busy, the rest of the family went to the diner to eat, except James who was sleeping after work.

    When Brittany went back to detonating, a paparazzi got too close when the balloons exploded. :D Serves her right.

    Brittany threw another protest so she'd get the skill boost moodlet.

    I checked back with the family and saw that James went skinny-dipping.

    Well, look who came to the protest! It's @CravenLestat 's Sim, Felicity Bishop with her son, Domingo Bishop. Domingo's father is Shark Racket.

    Close behind Felicity was her cat, Mr. Pickles. Adopting Mr. Pickles was the first thing she done since I moved her in.

    On Monday morning, Jacob was late for school so Andrew punished him. Later that day, Derek let him off autonomously.
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    My phone doesn't like the little buttons but I wanted to let you know I am still reading and enjoying this. A lot.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Random picture of Brittany on fire. She was working on inventing when she had an accident. Luckily she got herself put out in the shower.

    Derek continues to work on his writing but he is still far from accomplishing his goal.

    Today we lost another family member. Jennifer, Andrew's IF turned real, passed away at the age of 90 Sim days.

    I realized that to blow up more at a time, you can put things close together and it goes much faster. Brittany finally detonated 150 balloons, and now has 500 pieces of scrap she collected.

    To deal with their pain, the family went to the Summer Festival. Next are a few photo's from that day.

    Since they were all getting hungry, I had four of them enter the hotdog eating contest. Andrew looks like he has an evil plan to win but in the end, Rebecca won with Derek in 2nd, Brittany in 3rd, and Andrew dropping out to throw up.

    Then Andrew and Derek went skating for a while when the others went to do other things.

    On Saturday, Derek threw a pool party before fall starts.
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    @JACKIEJOY Thanks for the comment! I'll be posting an update this evening sometime.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    After coming back from a court case (she detonated objects in public), Brittany decided to invent again. Unfortunately, she caught herself on fire and had to put herself out in the shower.

    Jacob started learning the painting skill. I'm trying to make him learn as much as he can.

    Brittany has gotten pretty far in her inventing. She already has level 10 and 80% of the inventions made. Here she is making a harvester to sell.

    Rebecca got promoted finally. It took her a bit but she is now at level 5, I believe.

    Brittany just recently had invented a time machine. Using it, she went back in time to an invasion by Napoleon, and also worked as a court jester for a king!

    On his 95 day, Andrew Keaton passed away around supper. Now only Rebecca remains from Lauren's line of the tree.

    A long time ago in Riverview, Andrew wanted to give Grim a piece of his mind. Now the two put aside their differences as Andrew goes to the afterlife. This may not be the last we see of him, however.
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    Ultimate Sim Update

    Rebecca Keaton got promoted to level 6 in the business career and can now hold meetings. This money may come in handy.

    Our Ultimate Sim, Brittany, searched for some palladium. She needs it to create a Simbot. She had the life fruit so she turned that in as well.

    In the search for the ingredients, I forgot it was Jacob's birthday. He aged up in the bathroom.

    This is him when he aged up.

    Is it just me or is Jacob a bit skinny? At least he gained his father's muscles. The only thing I did to him was change his hairstyle.

    Luckily when Brittany was a werewolf, she got an extra pink diamond which I kept for this reason. Here she is getting it cut. After taking everything to the Science Center, Brittany got the life core and headed home.

    At home, Brittany spent 13 hours creating a Simbot.

    Brittany created a female Simbot named Kate Kahn. Kate will go in for a repaint tonight, using mods to be able to do so.

    Also, Jacob got started on his magic skill.

    And I just realized, I don't have any screenshots of James or Derek for this update.
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    Brittany spent a bit of time making floor hygienator's to sell.

    Kate got her repaint then went to the computer to play games. I didn't know that the game considers her a sister to Lauren, James, and Jacob.

    Derek went around the house, critiquing all the paintings.

    James watched Jacob choke on his salad. Luckily, he didn't require the Heimlich Maneuver.

    James got another promotion, this time to level 8 in the rock star career.

    And Brittany made some more food to store in the fridge.
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    @Brandontaylor I'm behind in reading the updates, but I want to read a few today, and will try to catch up soon. :smile:

    From the top of page 3 where I left off to mid page.

    I'm glad Christopher is content being a ghost and not angry about George being around. ...Congrats on Brittany's 50th meal. ...And congrats on Andrew and Jennifer getting jobs. ...Brittany is really advancing in her painting career! ...Fun pic of Lauren teaching her brother to walk. ...Wow, Brittany's masterpiece is really nice! ...Sweet screenshot of Mack and Lauren kissing. ...Congrats on Andrew's, Jennifer's and Mack's promotions. ...And a cute pic of Andrew and Jennifer together holding hands. ...Happy Birthday to James! Nice looking little guy. ...I enjoyed the screenshots at the festival on Spooky Day. ...Another congrats: Brittany reaching level 10 in her career. ...LOL at the ghost paparazzi still hanging around listening to Brittany on the guitar. ...Being an athlete fits George! ...Grim's traits are quite a mix! He seems like a friendly Reaper though. Ha!

    ...Jennifer is pregnant! ...Awesome that George and Brittany are still in love. ...George is almost an elder now? Yikes! Time flies. ...I liked the crystal ball pic of Brittany. ...Welcome to baby Rebecca! ...Great screenshot of everyone dancing. ...Mack is an elder! I like his makeover though. ...Love their new home. Beautiful. ...I like the nursery and the music room ...Happy Birthday, Rebecca. Little cutie. ...And Happy Birthday to George. ...Great pic of Jennifer as a paramedic. ...Lauren is an elder now? I'm not used to these short life spans! ...I love the screenshot of Mack spending time with his granddaughter.
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    @lanlyn Thanks for the comments!
    It seemed to take forever to get the 50 meals but I just kept at it, lol
    James really was a good looking kid, he looks good as an adult as well.
    Lol, I guess even ghosts like her musical talent.
    They really are a funny mix of traits. Rebecca's mom Jennifer had some weird ones as well due to her unstable trait.
    Time sure does fly. The lifespan has to be set at 90 days so it goes by quick.
    Thanks, when Mack is in his career outfit, I was told he looks like Albert Einstein :D
    It really is an amazing house, I did make a decision to save it for the last season now though.
    Yep, Lauren became an elder. It made me sad knowing she was going to be gone after a while.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Saturday morning, Jacob got up to eat breakfast first. It is almost time for the second winter in Twinbrook (Week 6, Day 7).

    Brittany continues to make items to sell at the consignment store. Rebecca had just gotten up to eat breakfast and was heading downstairs.

    Derek and Jacob both practiced their spell-casting. Hopefully Jacob can max it, I don't know if Derek will.

    Brittany visited the consignment store and talked to Antony who put her inventions on consignment.

    Kate already shorted out in the rain but luckily she is okay.

    Rebecca and Derek had a nice chat about housing. Rebecca hopes she can make it to Barnacle Bay, Derek knows neither of them probably will.

    Happy Birthday, Rebecca! She is now an adult with a midlife crisis.

    The whole family except Kate ate cake, because she eats scrap. Brittany also reached level 6 in the inventing career during the meal.

    Afterwards, James played guitar, hoping to max the skill.

    Brittany got an award at the courthouse for making 10 widgets.

    Rebecca taught her Great Uncle Jacob how to drive since Brittany was busy and Derek wasn't available either.

    Derek also reached level 10 in the writing skill. Now he just needs to write more books.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Brittany continues to work on her inventing skill. She already reached the top and has gotten promoted to level 9 in the career.

    After eating breakfast, James played guitar on the balcony.

    Jacob continues to work on his magic. Hopefully he gets enough in before he ages up. When he does, he is moving out on his own now that Llandros changed the rules to allow this. James and Rebecca may move out too so they can find spouses before becoming elders, I'll use Porter when I move to Barnacle Bay.

    Afterwards, he headed off to school which didn't get cancelled today.

    Derek continues to work on his book. Later on, he finished it and started a romance book called "Burnin' Love". Yes, I named it after an Elvis Presley song.

    Rebecca got promoted to Vice President in the business career. I think she will reach her LTW, unless her performance drops when she moves.

    Brittany was supposed to be making a harvester to sell but made a gnome instead. I put it in a WA chest with the other gnomes she's collected.

    Kate has a different sleep schedule than everyone else so she gets up when others are getting tired. I took this mainly for a closeup of her.

    Not much happened on the last day I played so I only took a picture of these three eating. I wonder what Jacob and Rebecca will accomplish when they move out?

    ***Also, due to rule changes, Llandros suggests doing the art appraiser career in Riverview after the degree. Since I am past that, I'm adding it to Twinbrook, so we will be staying there a bit longer but I hope it goes fast.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    I played for a long time off and on yesterday and ended up with 53 screenshots. I'll try and pick the ones that tell what I need to tell but it may be in two parts.

    Brittany continued to work on her inventing, and later that day she reached the top of the career. Now she just works on the skill challenges for it.

    James decided it was time to move out of the house. Brittany had gotten a letter saying the rules had changed in her challenge and her children were now able to move. Rebecca also moved out with him and Brittany gave them $40,000 to start with.

    Kate is working on the painting skill to make extra money for the family. So far she hasn't made very much so she isn't as useful as she could be.

    Derek continues to write "Burnin' Love." He's hoping it is a best seller.

    I finally set Jacob's IF out so it could be alive. These two will end up getting married before they move out.

    Brittany decided it was time to end her inventing career so she could start the art appraiser one. The rule change said it is best to do this in Riverview but since we are past that, I'm doing it here.

    To celebrate, Brittany went to the Bistro and also knocked out an opportunity before heading to city hall for an inventing reward.

    Brittany went back to the Bistro where she found Rose Prudence. She introduced herself and then tutored the young girl.

    For breakfast on Sunday, Brittany treated Derek and Jacob to the diner.

    Afterwards, Derek and Jacob had a spell-casting duel while Brittany was busy with something else.

    ***When Rebecca and James moved out, I made them live in a small home together. Rebecca started dating a guy named Moshe and moved in with him. They are expecting a child, which would be Brittany's great-great grandchild. James has a girlfriend now but I forgot her name. I hope to invite them to a part so we can all see their partners and children.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update, Part 2

    Brittany's activity she was busy with was resurrecting a Sim from a grave near the diner. Poor B. Vernon Castor died and his family left him where he died so I gave him a second chance at life.

    Later on, Brittany tutored Rose again. Brittany needs about 7 more hours and she'll have that skill challenge done.

    Jacob brought his IF Lily to life with a potion his mother gave him.

    A close up of her face.

    They seem to be enjoying each other's company. I didn't change her clothes since they are moving out very soon.

    Then the two of them went to the Bistro for supper.

    Brittany caused a fire when she detonated some gifts she didn't need. Even Jennifer came back from the dead to freak out about it.

    Today was Derek's birthday. He shares it with Jacob and Lily as well.

    So not Derek's style at all. He looks more like Simis Bachelor as an elder than the awesome Derek Kahn we all know and love.

    All he needed was some hair dye and a leather jacket and he is ready to live out the rest of his life.

    ***Next update, we say goodbye to Jacob and Lily as they move out to start their own life. I hope the family tree stays intact but if not, it isn't too big of a deal.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Leaving off halfway through the day from last update, Derek ate his leftover birthday cake with the maid, Kayla Yancey. Everyone else was either at school or work.

    Jacob and Lily finished their last day of school together. Lily only attended on day since becoming a real Sim.

    Brittany got promoted to level 2 in the Art Appraiser career. I think it's funny that the rabbithole for this career is the same as the one for the criminal careeer.

    After everyone got home, the family celebrated Jacob's transition into a young adult.

    After aging up, this was his look. I'm not liking the look at all.

    After his makeover, he looks a lot better. He copied his father by wearing a leather jacket as well.

    Derek was tired and he had already eaten so I sent him to bed while everyone else at cake. I'm not sure why Jacob is talking about matches, though.

    Lily chose this exact time to age up herself. I was going to use the cake but too late.

    Her aged up look was so weird that I just took a picture of her quick makeover. Since she is moving out, I wasn't too worried what she wore because when she has other birthday's it will probably change anyway.

    Being at level 2 in the Art Appraisal career gives your Sim the option to scan artwork. The first one she chose was her own painting of Lauren Keaton, her firstborn child. Scanning artwork is a career requirement but you can scan the same art over and over. When you do it once, you have to wait a minute or so before you can scan it again as the option is grayed out for "recalibration".

    While everyone slept, Brittany finally finished the 250 widgets skill challenge. Now she just has to make some more big inventions and collect a bit more scrap to supermax the skill.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update, Part Two

    Lily was named Most Likely To Get Married when she graduated.

    I forgot Jacob's award but it was a good one. Now these two can start their lives together.

    When they went home, Jacob popped the question and Lily said yes. She'll be the last IF to tie into the family line since I want some variety in family.

    Then they went upstairs and spent some time together.

    Brittany is now at level three in the Art Appraisal career. With her ambitious trait and a full fun bar, she does well in the rabbithole careers.

    I threw a quick wedding for Jacob and Lily, just to give them a nice send off.

    For some reason, only the family ate the wedding cake. I guess everyone else was full.

    Brittany caught up with her elder son, James Dean. James told her that he found a woman he liked and her name is Francisca Hinds. He also announced to her that Rebecca had a daughter named Marilyn Keaton. Rebecca and Moshe Bauer aren't even engaged yet.

    Brittany decided to detonate all the chairs from the wedding, plus a few extra items. She ended up setting the yard on fire but was able to put it out.

    Jennifer decided to come out for a visit. Her grave, along with George Dean and Andrew, will stay out for the duration of Twinbrook.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Brittany continues to work on her inventing skill challenges. She has at least 50 big inventions to go.

    Jacob and Lily both ate their last breakfast at Brittany's house before moving out. I moved them in with Moshe, Rebecca, Marilyn, and James.

    Kate smashed some of the wedding chairs from the wedding before I sold them off.

    Brittany got promoted to level 4 in the art appraiser career. I believe she should fly through the career pretty fast.

    Brittany invited Jacob over a few days later. She made sure to give him a nice big hug.

    Brittany visited the Bayless family where she tutored young Toby Bayless. I'm not sure which of the Bayless' are his parent(s)

    Derek and Brittany don't get to spend as much time together as I wanted so I made sure to get some romantic time in for them. Afterwards, Brittany discussed her how she built Kate.

    Derek worked on his latest romance novel, "In Another's Eyes (named after a Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood song) which he hoped would get him his LTW before he dies.

    Brittany went to visit her family but only Moshe and Marilyn were there. This was okay because I only wanted Brittany to meet Marilyn, her Great-Great-Granddaughter. Marilyn keeps the Keaton name for now as she is a descendant of Mack and Lauren Keaton.

    Since I'm not sure how many times we will see Marilyn, I decided to share an aged up screenshot to show her with no alterations at all. I see a bit of Rebecca and Jennifer in her face.
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    Ultimate Sim Update

    Brittany made good use of her alchemy skill to make some more potent invigorating elixirs, and she also made more big inventions as well.

    Kate continues to make some money off of her painting and is doing a lot better. She made it to the 6th skill level and also painted her first brilliant painting which now appreciates in her inventory.

    Derek continues to write his romance book, "In Another's Eyes" while Jennifer's ghost watches.

    Kate did some shopping for Brittany at Aleister's and bought Vampiric Sunscreen, Potent Cure Elixir, and a Spotlight Mushroom.

    Out back, she befriended a bird which she promptly sold.

    Brittany got promoted to level 6 in the art appraiser career and the next day, she got the 7th.

    Derek never learned the cooking skill as Brittany had made all the meals, but he decided to make an Autumn Salad as he knew he couldn't burn that.

    While Brittany was working on her promotion to level 7, Kate went shopping for some Life Fruit at the four stands I put in at the beginning of Twinbrook. She did find 10 of them, bringing them to Brittany so she can stay an immortal.
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    An Ultimate Sim Update

    Derek (88 days) is about halfway done with his latest romance novel, "In Another's Eye's". The royalties from this book should get him his LTW.

    As Brittany was finishing work, Derek met her there. Brittany had gotten a promotion again and the two decided to go on a date.

    After eating supper, Derek gave Brittany flowers and a dip kiss. Lang Gwydd seems to be cheering Derek on.

    R.I.P. Lang Gwydd. He died as Derek and Brittany were leaving for woohoo.

    Spending time together.

    Kate spends most days painting, doing laundry, and getting the mail. She also does a lot of the shopping for the family.

    Brittany decided to buy a telescope so she can get the celestial skill challenge for logic done. Unfortunately, she didn't discover anything.

    Brittany went to visit her great granddaughter Rebecca and her husband Moshe. Moshe had thrown a party but Brittany was more interested in taking care of Marilyn, her great-great granddaughter. Marilyn needed fed and her diaper changed.

    Derek went upstairs to talk to his step-son, James Dean. I'm glad they got a conversation in as they are the exact same age and either could go at anytime.

    Brittany talked to her daughter-in-law Lily Kahn while Marilyn drank her bottle. After putting her in her crib, Brittany and Derek headed home.
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