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Brandontaylor's Ultimate Sim Challenge Attempt

The Ultimate Sim Challenge was created by @Llandros2012 and is basically a challenge where you do everything a single sim can do. You have to do every skill and skill challenge, and also complete every college degree. There are too many rules to list here so I am including his originally rules below. I'll put the first two updates up today and will add to them over time. I started the challenge on December 11, 2018 so most posts will be a couple months old.



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    From December 2018

    I started the Ultimate Sim Challenge last night and took some screenshots for an update. You probably all remember Brittany Goddard, daughter of Hank Goddard and Ava Sinclair. Well, she is the sim I hope to make the Ultimate Sim. Now this takes place in an alternate dimension to Ava's story and I've decided a little background information for this version of Brittany. So let's get started, shall we?

    There is a project going on in the Sims world where new Sims are generated through cloning. Sims donate DNA anonymously to create new Sims. A woman named Ava Sinclair of Bridgeport donated DNA to a lab which was combined with a males DNA to create a new sim. This sim called herself Brittany Page after being released from the lab. Brittany heard about the Ultimate Sim Challenge from a friend and decided she wanted to become one of the few Sims to reach this title. She would like to share her story with all of you.

    Brittany: Hello, everyone. I'm Brittany Page, and yes I know all about Brittany Goddard from the alternate universe. My goal is to become an Ultimate Sim, a goal which will not be easy to accomplish. But I am up for the challenge, and nothing will stop me from achieving this goal.

    Brittany: So the first thing I did was head to the market to buy some life fruit. Unfortunately, there was none. I need life fruit in this early stage so I can live longer than a normal sim. I have restrictions put on me so I can't become immortal any other way.

    Brittany: When I moved to Sunset Valley, I bought an empty lot to live on. Since I have to go to University, I don't need a house at the moment. I had to wait for the University mascot to arrive with my test and free items. While I waited, I sold my camera for some more cash. Some time machine thing appeared too so I sold it as well. I'm not going to the future for awhile.

    Unlike my alternate universe counterpart, I am not a genius. I don't have any skills yet so I completely bombed the test. I will get no scholarship when I go to University. I signed up for a business degree and headed off for school.

    I arrived at my dorm at the same time my other dorm mates did. I wasn't expecting to have seven of them, but luckily I am a friendly woman and will need to befriend them all for this challenge.

    I learned some tips about the challenge online so I decided to follow some of these tips. I talked to the academic advisor and got $2500 to help with my expenses. Then I went to the store to buy some apples as I can not cook food and I will get hungry between classes.

    I don't want to bore you with photos of me meeting everyone so let's just say I went to the meet and greet then did a protest about unskilled sims. I shouldn't be one to talk though, I only have one point in charisma. But during the protest, I did gain another point.

    Now in this part of the challenge, I also need to get my social networking skill up. I browsed the web for a bit before class and gained a skill point in it. Now I'll have to start a blog as well.

    I had to rush to class as I cut it close on my sleep last night. I'm going to go to class now, I'll catch up with you afterwards.

    Next update is also from December of 2018
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    December 2018

    Brittany: Hello, again. I'm back with some more progress on my attempt at the Ultimate Sim Challenge. After my classes finished for the day, I got to work on my blog. I have to get it up to a 5 star blog before I can leave Sunset Valley for the second town.

    I ate a quick breakfast before I headed out for the day. Class doesn't start til 4 and I have a lot to accomplish before then.

    I definitely had to meet this woman. Here name is Patty Hong and she just happens to be a werewolf. This is the lifestate I must be for this season of the challenge. I'm going to have to work on befriending her.

    Most of my week was spent trying to gain Charisma and Social Networking. I finally got 7 skill points so I started to use the transmogrify app to make friends. My blog is going well, I have a 1 1/2 star rating. I have also gotten the Celebrity Skill Challenge, so I am doing good.

    When Saturday came around, I decided to take all of my dormmates to eat. This was my way of getting to know them.

    Patty and I met for a chat before I had to head to a party. She isn't in werewolf form so she couldn't pass the curse to me. Oh well, full moon is tomorrow.

    At the party, I met a celebrity named Ben Trigger. I thought since I had one star celebrity status that we would be fast friends. But Ben thought different. I had to sweet talk him and we became friends. He's kind of cute. I now have level 3 charisma and level 8 social networking and have $23,500 in my bank account. I will need a lot of money through out this challenge.

    ***I am actually in the second season right now, but on this thread, this is just the beginning. I'll try and put a couple updates a day so I don't overload everyone with too much at once.
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    Getting ready to add the next couple of updates. These are also from December of 2018.
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    Brittany here again. Today is Sunday (of week 1, college) and I decided to transmogrify more relationships while also blogging. The app helps to make me friends with everyone I meet so I don't have to socialize with them all.

    I did another protest as I have to reach the top of the rebel social influence group. If my protests are successful, I get a moodlet that allows me to learn skills faster for two days. It was a success, so I got the moodlet. I also got the transmogrify badge for changing 5 relationships.

    I tried to find my friend Patty so I could get the werewolf curse. Unfortunately, she cancelled but I found one named Bettie Franklin. I introduced myself and used the transmogrifier to be friends. She just so happened to be a celebrity as well and she got me the learn 50 traits skill challenge.

    It hurt after being bitten but I got the uncontrollable urge to howl at the moon. I also became a two star celebrity today.

    A few more days of raising the two skills I needed, I headed for my dorm when I transformed for the first time! Now I can start hunting down the collectibles for my collection.

    This is me on my first hunt. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything so I went to bed. I'll have plenty of time soon enough.

    ***This is what I have done for part one and what I still need to do.
    Business Degree (In Progress)
    Rebel Social Influence maxed/create 1 blog (6 Rebel, blog at 3 1/2 stars)
    Daycare (Not Started)
    Business (Not Started)
    Bookstore (Not Started
    Primary Skills - Charisma (6)/ Social Networking (10)
    Free Skill - Alchemy (Not Started)
    Collecting (Started)
    Hire a maid (Not Started)
    Order pizza (Not Started)
    Have roommate in your house for whole time in Sunset Valley (Not Started)
    Travel (required) - (Have to buy chests, no visa levelling or tomb raiding allowed yet.
    Have a child (Not Started)

    Brittany has around $30,000 just by talking to the advisor every other day, and posing nude at the art center. She'll need a ton of money for a variety of things which we will get to eventually.
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    Brittany: I've been very busy trying to work on my skills and keep my performance up. I haven't taken time to get many photo's of my journey to being an Ultimate Sim. But here I am with a few of my fellow dormmates getting ready to head for class.

    I am doing quite well on my hunts lately. I've got some of the harder stuff to find. This takes up most of my time when I am not busy skilling.

    Poor Derek. I was changing back to human and I must have scared him to death. I didn't laugh at him as I think it was my fault.

    Now that the first two weeks of college are over, I am starting to work on alchemy. I have to learn it and do the challenges but I don't have to accomplish this for a while. I wish I would have had more photo's to share of myself, but like I said, it takes a lot to become an Ultimate Sim.

    Now I'll update you on where I am on this challenge. So I have maxed Charisma and Social Networking but still have to do the challenges. The challenges can be done over the next few towns but has to be done by the end of the challenge. I also have rebel influence up to 10 and will have to maintain that throughout the challenge. I am also a 3 star celebrity and have a 5 star blog which I will sell when I get the offer. Exams are tomorrow then I have the weekend to hunt for more gems, metals, and insects.

    Brittany (werewolf voice) Hello again everyone. Brittany here with a quick update on my progress. With my Watcher Brandon's help, I am doing well on my challenge. Sorry for the voice, I just got done on a successful hunt. I am heading out to eat with a roommate soon.

    Not too far away from me, these two got into an argument. Who knows what for, I'm too busy to find out.

    I created my first elixir today, an invigorating potion. When I learn it, I want to make a ton of potent invigorating elixir's so I don't have to sleep.
    I can't remember what exactly I've told you all but here is an update on my progress. I maxed both charisma and social networking, reached the highest rebel influence, have a five star blog, and 3 star celebrity status. Just today, I sold my blog for $6000. Now I don't need to start another one until I move to Riverview. I also reached my full potential as a werewolf today. Now I have one week until graduation and then I can get settled in Sunset Valley to start a daycare.
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    @Brandontaylor I'll follow your posts here as I have time to read them. This sounds like a great challenge. ...Interesting about Brittany being a clone result of the DNA project. ...Good for her, going on to Uni even without the skills. ...Is the academic adviser a Uni thing, a mod enhancement, or just part of your challenge story setup? I've never heard of it. It's neat, though, realistic. ...Brittany seems to be making a lot of friends and advancing in her other goals too.

    ...I had a sim become a blogger and really enjoyed playing with the new phone apps. Another sim I played maxed the Rebel group and that was a lot of fun too. Took some effort though! ...Brittany looks like she's working hard. Loved the protest screenshot. ...Neat pics of the werewolf transformation! ...And now she's a werewolf! She really is taking on the rebel mindset. ...Poor Derek getting scared of Brittany's transformation! ...Brittany's a celebrity AND a rebel. That's quite a combo. Cool.
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    @lanlyn Okay, I am going to post probably two updates per day on here. They are from December right now. It's a pretty fun challenge to do, I just added the clone idea to explain why she has no parents. The academic advisor comes with Uni, it's an option on the Administration Building and you can use it once every 24 hours. She really did a good job in that year of college.

    It does take some effort, especially for the skill challenges. One says you have to have five blogs and it takes a long time to do.
    I love the protests, the moodlet is such a great one to utilize.
    Yep, she became a werewolf mainly to hunt her collectibles.
    Rebel for life, too. She has to maintain it throughout the challenge.
    I feel bad for Derek after that, lol
    Yep, she climbed the celebrity rankings pretty fast.
    The back updates for tomorrow will be the end of the Uni term, then the real challenge starts up. Thanks for the comments!
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    @Brandontaylor Not many of my sims have gone to Uni. And most of them attended home world universities that I installed so that they wouldn't have to leave home to get degrees. But I've never used the Academic Adviser option! I totally missed that. Very good to know! Thanks for sharing that. :)
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    Brittany: This picture was taken Sunday, Week 4 of University. I was checking the mail and was surprised that I had 17 love letters and my plaque for maxing charisma. I should have no trouble finding a spouse back home.

    Monday, I was busy so I didn't have time for a photo. But Tuesday I took Karri Elrod to lunch with me.

    Darn it, I scared another friend. Oh well, I got to get to work on collecting again.

    The rest of the week was spent on class and collecting. I passed my finals and got an A on my report card. Yes, now I can leave and start a life in Sunset Valley for a while!

    I now have a degree in business. It won't help me much right now as daycare doesn't need it but it will come in handy later.

    I packed up my bed and all in one shower and headed for the van to take me home. I have enough for my house and a lot of extra insects to sell. I'll see you all tomorrow when I prepare for life in Sunset Valley.


    Brittany: When I got to Sunset Valley, I knew I needed to get a home. I had almost $90,000 to spend so I had a house built for me called Prairie Smile.

    My new home. I'll have to have a roommate live with me until Riverview, plus my future husband and children.

    Thanks to my Watcher's help, this is my collection so far. I have two metals, seven gems, and 20+ insects left to find but I have a long time to find them.

    At the library, I signed up for the daycare profession. I love kids so it won't be too bad for me.

    When I went to the Science Lab to sell my extra insects, I got $15,000. I also saw this beautiful unicorn but Brandon says I can't have one yet.

    I went to the alchemy shop to cut some of my gems into the heart-shape cut. I then consigned them and I hope to get a ton of money. I also put out my spire cut tiberium so it will net me some simoleons. Lastly, I bought a potent invigorating potion so that I could stay awake for awhile. Easier to get things done that way.

    @lanlyn I added a third update today before going to bed. I think I'll do three a day instead of two, the next three will be sometime tomorrow. I just thought I'd tag you so you'd know. :)
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    @Brandontaylor Wow, 17 love letters! Brittany is one popular lady--despite scaring some of her friends with her werewolf abilities. ...Congrats on passing the finals and getting an A! ...I like her new home in Sunset Valley. I've used that house a couple of times, once to make a base camp. ...Brittany's collections are definitely growing! ...I love the glowing white unicorns. ...Brittany signs up for the daycare profession and then drinks a Potent Invigorating Potion to stay up and get things done before the kids show up! Too funny. :D
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    @lanlyn Yeah, she got a ton of letters, it was so funny.
    Lol, she kept scaring people left and right.
    Thank you, I made her work hard and it definitely paid off.
    I liked the home too. Depending on a few things, I may use it again in another season.
    Yep, it sure is. In a few more seasons, I got to get the fish and plants too.
    Me too, I got to get her one in the 8th (?) season.
    Lol, yeah she had a lot to do before the toddler parade. :D
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    Brittany: today is my first day of running a daycare. I do not know what to expect but I have two toddlers coming today. Also, I have two roommates living here, Abraham Finkel and Ian Bowler.


    Both kids came with dirty diapers. Don't these parents take care of them before dropping them off here?

    First day of work went successfully and my work bar is halfway full. Abe and I sat down for a get to know each other chat while we ate.

    I had to take a trip to the alchemy consignment shop to cut gems and consign them. This got me a ton of money which I used for a pool and a car.

    Sandi French grew up so I got a new toddler to take care of. His name is Sylvester Riddle and his parents just moved here to Sunset Valley. (The last name Riddle reminds me of Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter :D )

    Leighton came to get Sam. I could go after Leighton as my husband but I'll wait a bit before I decide.

    One of the requirements says I have to turn someone into a werewolf. I decided to bite Ian Bowler, he doesn't do anything for my house anyway, might as well add him to my pack. Tomorrow is Leisure Day so I hope that Brandon gives me a day off to meet some people and go to the festival. See you all in my next update!

    ****One of three posted today
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    Brandon here. Brittany asked me to narrate her story today as she is extremely busy with the tasks I've set before her. So lets check in with our Ultimate Sim contestant.

    After a system crash, Brittany had a slight do over on her Leisure Day. She got this fancy new car for all the hard work I've made her do. I want her to live a life of luxury.

    Brittany had an opportunity to talk to students at the school. She got 500 celebrity points for it.

    I had Brittany redo the eating contest after the crash. In the original, Mortimer Goth won. This time, the Frio's and River McIrish were the other competitors. And the winner is... Connor Frio!

    Uh, I don't think vomit comes out of the back of your head, Brittany.

    Afterwards, I made Brittany chat with the citizens and of course, she attracted most of the townsfolk she met. Kind of entertaining, seeing all these sims sending love letters. Any suggestions for her husband? I may have an idea of who I'll go after, not Jared though. (The question is already answered)

    Look at all of the people here. Put these stands on this lot and it will always be busy. It helps when a celebrity is there as well, the townsfolk love Brittany.

    Now Brittany has to travel because there are things to buy. She bought all the fishing books, recipes, and some chests, among other things. She can't use most of the items yet but the chests are for storage.

    She spent the rest of the trip hunting. With the tent, life fruit, shower in a can, and the bathrooms on the store lot, she stayed here instead of the base camp. She also found all metals and most of the gems except Opal. She still needs some of the insects but she will get them. After the trip, she went home where I decided to stop for the night. I am working on sorting out her inventory into the chests before her weekend starts.

    ****Two of three updates for today
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    Note before the next post

    When I originally started the challenge, everything from the beginning of this thread to now was good. Due to a computer issue, I had to redo the challenge. This update comes after the computer issue, the update has an explanation.


    Good news. So far, everything is going fine in my new save. Brittany started out in college and basically did the same thing. Then she finished up her first week of daycare and is currently on the weekend. On differences, she did better than the last time on her skills but not so great on her collecting. Luckily, a trip to China fixed that. One roommate is swapped, she got Dave Ramsey this time as well as Ian, who she had in the original as well. For all intents and purposes, lets just say that my past posts for this are part of the timeline and move on from there. I can finally say, here is an Ultimate Sim update.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Brittany had the same two toddlers her first day. This is the only picture I took until the weekend came along.

    Saturday, I had her throw a pool party. As you can see, she is having a lot of fun in the sprinkler. I haven't unlocked athletics yet so she can't even use her pool. :/

    Here are some of the guests having a good time. Up by the house are all the chests which will hold her collections. Most of them are empty except for metals, gems, and insects. This is a tip I learned from the creator of the challenge, it really is a nice way of organizing everything.

    I know there are other men Brittany could get with, but I like Christopher's traits and have used him before. He will be the first of many husbands in this challenge. Right now though, they are just best friends.

    Brittany can't garden yet but she is allowed to get a couple deathflowers. You're just not supposed to actively work on gardening until another town/season. I can't remember what town unlocks it. Anyway, tomorrow's update will be Brittany's second week in Sunset Valley and she will continue on her way to level 5.

    Combining two since this one is short

    Quick recap. The restart started the same way as the original, only a few things changed. Brittany made it through college like before and started up the daycare again. No issues happened and everything went fine. Last night, I posted Brittany's pool party which happened on Day 7 in Sunset Valley. This update follows her from Day 8 (Sunday) to Day 5 (Thursday/Spooky Day). I took a lot of screenshots so it will be a bit bigger update.

    Brittany got stuck as a werewolf as it was the full moon. This is her making a potent invigorating potion so she won't have to sleep. She can get alot more done this way.

    Now one of the social networking skill challenges wants you to meet 25 sims through the simfinder app. Due to Llandros' tip, I decided to follow his suggestion and only meet 5 for the first five towns. The app sometimes creates new sims just so you have someone to meet, which can cause lag in the game. As you can see, both her and Brittany are brave people.

    Some of you may recall my Ava Sinclair story and her daughter Avery marrying Jayson Keaton. Well, this is Oscar Keaton who basically is this world's Jayson. In that world, Jayson was older than his sister-in-law Brittany Goddard. In this world, Brittany Page was older and was Oscar's babysitter. By the way, remember Dudley, the genie Brittany Goddard was dating? Yep, that's where I got Brittany's last name for this challenge.

    I sent Brittany too the alchemy store to buy some elixirs when I saw these fireflies (in Illinois we call the lightning bugs). Unfortunately, she already had this particular species so I just sold it to add to the almost $300,000 she had in the bank.

    I have Brittany dance downstairs while I wait for the toddlers to show up. My game is slow so they don't get there at 9, they get there around 10:30. Dancing is a hidden skill so I decided to do this to get it levelled. It will come in handy in Bridgeport later on in the challenge.

    Brittany got invited to a pool party at the Keaton's. Here she is talking to Oscar, who is now a child. I'm curious to see if he looks anything like Jayson did or not. Don't mind his clothes, I didn't take time to change them to something better but it doesn't matter as Brittany will move to Riverview eventually.

    How ironic is this? If you remember, in Ava's story Brittany Goddard was a doctor. In this story, Brittany Page has never been a doctor. This is her Spooky Day costume for Micheal Bachelor's party. I wonder if she is mocking her alternate universe counterpart?

    Now I didn't keep her there very long as she met Christopher there and decided to have him visit with her. He decided to be a doctor as well, I think this might have been meant to be from the get go.

    Brittany wanted a roommate that I could control to help her out. Plus, she told me how cute Christopher is so I obliged. I told her that in the rules, she is supposed to be the daycare professional but she had a fit about it. I relented and told her I'll relax the rules and let Christopher help. This means that he won't have a job except as Brittany's support sim and future husband.

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    @Brandontaylor Fun pic of Brittany sitting and waiting for the toddlers to show up for daycare! Love the look on her face. ...Interesting looking roommates. Very different from each other. ...Toddlers arriving with dirty diapers. I bet that happens in RL too! ...LOL at roommate Ian getting turned into a werewolf because he was just hanging around the house! ...I've only played lone wolves, never a pack. I need to try that. ...Nice new car! ...That's a pretty area in town with the harvest carts.

    ...Glad you were able to keep playing the challenge without too many redos or problems after the crash. ...I like all those colorful chests for each type of collectible. ...The challenge rules seem very complex about skills, relationships, etc! ...When I was a kid, we called fireflies "lightening bugs" too. I haven't heard that term in a long time! ...That's funny about the medical costume for Spooky Day. Mimicking her alternate reality. ...Good idea to have Christopher as a support sim!
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    @lanlyn Thanks for the comments. Brittany kept wanting to read a book but I made her sit, lol
    The roommates sure were interesting. They have more mentions in a few updates.
    It probably does. The parents probably think the daycare can change them.
    Yep, he really needed something to do. At least he paid rent though, lol
    I got the tip to add the carts from Llandros.

    Thanks. I've had small crashes but nothing that ends the save file.
    The chests are another tip I got from the challenge creator. I use tips and ideas from his videos.
    They really are complex. The good thing is, the seasons help break everything down so you only have so much to do.
    Yeah, I always liked catching them as a kid. Sometimes I'll still catch on with my hand and release it.
    Lol, I laughed so much at her wearing the costume. She will have to be a doctor eventually though.
    Christopher quickly became the best support sim ever.
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    Close up picture of this saves Brittany as a werewolf. The only difference is her hair and eyes but I really thought she looked fierce here. This was taken on Week 2, Day 6.

    Well, Brittany had an opportunity at the Bistro to eat and promote it to three sims. When she got there, all these sims were listening to a male singer. But if you notice, there is no singer! I checked who all the singers were and only Gage Briody was a singer. I reset him and he shows up fine now, but he is an acrobat now. By the way, the hotdog is Dorie Hart. Spooky Day is over, Dorie! :D

    Flirting with Chris before asking him to go steady. He accepted.

    Their first kiss.

    Obviously they had to celebrate the relationship.

    Christopher having fun in the sprinkler. It was starting to get cold so I shut it off and made him go inside.

    I sent the two of them for a date night at the Bistro and Varg's Tavern. They really have some great dance moves.

    First day of winter and Dave Ramsey had to play in the sprinkler. It was only 39 degrees and dropping so I shut it off and put it into the inventory.

    Monday (Week 3, Day 2) was a hectic day. First day with four toddlers and they kept acting up. Brittany wanted them to go outside just to feed them which I did not want. Every little thing had to be done outside while Christopher did everything inside. I locked the doors but she still wanted to take them outside. One kid got stuck and he disappeared. I finally got the three kids left settled by telling them a tale. Job performance didn't go up much so looks like I may be doing daycare a bit longer.

    ***Next time will be Tuesday through at least Snowflake Day.
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    Tuesday Brittany made a snowman while waiting for the children to arrive.

    She discovered how to make the classic snowman. Later on, someone went and smashed it :/

    After getting fed and changed, Brittany used her tell tale option to quickly make the children happy. She got them all in great conditions but still no promotion.

    She had an opportunity to meet a celebrity which was Iqbal Alvi. Not long after, Christopher got the very same one, same person. Brittany used the transmogrifier so he wouldn't have to track Iqbal down.

    I dressed these two up for the gift-giving party. I think Brittany looks better than Christopher but I didn't have much to work with. I went back and forth on leaving her legs bare but decided on adding the panty hose and making them red.

    Xander Clavell walking in on their Snowflake Day kiss. Something kind of funny happened to him not too long afterward, more on that in a few screenshots.

    Brittany sat on the floor with Grady Elfman, Connor Frio and with Dave Ramsay standing nearby. Christopher was on the couch with Agnes Crumplebottom. The game had an error with River McIrish and messed the party up but at least Brittany and Christopher got gifts. Brittany got coal and I forget what Christopher got.

    Xander stayed out to long and almost froze to death.

    Brittany: Oh Xander, here let me pull this hair dryer from my rear end and warm you up.
    After warming up, Xander left for home. He couldn't leave fast enough.
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    I wanted to see who the richest family in Sunset Valley is right now and found out Brittany and Christopher come in third with the Alto's and Landgraab's taking 1st and 2nd respectively. In a short time, Brittany should be the 2nd richest

    A quick winter fun update from Brittany.




    Goals Left

    1. Finish Daycare
    2. Marry Christopher.
    3. Have a child with Christopher
    4. Join Business Career
    5. Join Bookstore

    After these five goals are met, Brittany and family will move to Riverview to start Season Two.

    The above update was around Christmas Eve or Christmas so it was short. I am adding the next update to this one because of that.

    Short little update (without photo's) before comments. Due to another glitch with the daycare kids not showing up, I cheated Brittany to level 5 and quit the job. She'll just finish the week unemployed before starting the next career. Anyway, here is what is left to do this season.

    Goals Left

    1. Finish Daycare
    2. Marry Christopher.
    3. Have a child with Christopher
    4. Join Business Career
    5. Join Bookstore
    6. Try to find more insects.
    7. Pack the family's important belongings and move them to Riverview.

    Brittany needed to buy some more potions ingredients as she needs a ton of invigorating potions. She doesn't have to have them, but it makes it easier on me to get things accomplished.

    I sent her out hunting for insects and she found a firefly. Unfortunately, I didn't need that one so I sold it. She still had 13 to find at this point.

    Christopher wasn't going to have a job but since the daycare career glitched, Brittany had to quit so Christopher joined the police force. He had on weird clothes for work so I changed his pants and shoes. Brittany is finishing up this week before she starts the business career. Due to her degree, she'll start out at level 4 in that career.

    Poor Dave Ramsey has been the target of many of Brittany's elixirs. One skill challenge wants you to throw 50 elixirs at sims so he keeps getting hit with them. Christopher gets some beneficial ones when he needs them.

    Brittany arrived in France on her own. Christopher didn't come because she needed to focus on hunting. She got some of what I needed and I only need about 9 more. A trip to Egypt again is in the future as I need the Red Assassin Beetle.

    I had her buy everything she needed in France like the recipe books, fishing books, and location specific items. She'll need the recipe books for season two as cooking is one of the skills learned in that season. That's a little hint of what happens in Riverview.

    ***Next update, Brittany and Christopher will celebrate Love Day together. Christopher has a plan up his sleeve for this day. Brittany will take a solo trip to Egypt next before her weekend and then will start the business career. Their time in Sunset Valley is slowly coming to a close.
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  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    @Brandontaylor Great screenshot of Brittany as a werewolf. ...Showtime performers do suffer from glitches now and then. Annoying. I guess Gage decided he'd rather be an acrobat rather than a singer! Ha. ...The romance between Chris and Brittany seems to be going smoothly! ...LOL at Dave playing in the sprinkler in freezing weather! ...Do you have the toddler playpen from the Store? Or is it allowed in your challenge? I found it a lifesaver for my daycare sim. :#


    ...Cool pic of the toddlers listening to Brittany's story. My sim hasn't reached level 3 in his daycare career yet, so he hasn't been able to do the Tell Tale option. Awesome interaction! ...Fun holiday oufits. I like the red tights. ...Loved the shot of Brittany and Chris kissing. ...Aww, too bad Brittany got coal! ...Yikes! Poor Xander freezing in the snow. At least Brittany was able to thaw him out.

    ...The first screenshot of your winter fun update only shows the link, but I clicked it and saw Brittany making a snow angel. Cute! The skating pic was nice too. ...Collecting can be very time consuming when you're looking for all the different species. ...Sorry the daycare career glitched. ...Dave as elixir guinea pig! Too funny. ...Congrats on adding to Brittany's collection in France.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 1,293 Member

    @lanlyn Thank you. I was really surprised how well that one turned out.
    It looked really funny. I could hear the singer, but I couldn't find them. Luckily I figured out who was on the lot and who was a singer and reset them.
    Lol, I guess so. It seems that many of the townies switch jobs.
    It went really well. They are my favorite couple in this challenge.
    Lol, that's all they wanted to do, even when I shut it off
    I can't really remember if I have it or not. I don't think it matters whether I use it or not though. The rules don't specify.

    It's really a nice interaction.
    Lol, I thought it worked pretty good for Snowflake Day/Christmas
    Yeah and I didn't even know they could get coal so it was a shock to me :D
    Thank goodness she did, I didn't want a grave.

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll see if I can fix it.
    It really can be a long process. I've never collected everything, I usually sell rocks or gems I find.
    Thanks. It did a lot better than before the restart.
    Lol, I picked on him a bunch. Sometimes I just used cure potions as they do nothing if they don't need cured.
    Thanks. I got a lot of what I needed there.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 1,293 Member

    I caught Dave sleeping standing up outside so I had Brittany wake him up with the megaphone.

    Brittany and Christopher are in love. These two need to get married before too long.

    Brittany bought some more alchemy supplies. I had her throw a potion at Ian to work on the throw 50 elixirs at sims skill challenge.

    Brittany and Christopher went on a date together at the spring festival. They took a greeting card photo and then tried out the love tester. It said they had raw energy or something like that.

    A quick video of these two dancing. Not the best quality but I tried.

    River McIrish looks excited to see Christopher. Notice how he looks at the screen, almost like he is trying to tell me, "Yeah, the chicks dig me."

    I sent them to the Bistro to eat then sent them home. I had something planned but it kept raining and messed me up so I sent them home for some romance. I love the dip-kiss interaction.

    Brittany is the sim I focus on due to her being the ultimate sim contestant. However, I wanted Christopher to be the one to propose. Congratulations, Brittany and Christopher, I hope you two have a wonderful life together. I'll do my best to make it a good relationship.

    Dave Ramsey aged up to Adult that same night at the exact time Christopher proposed. I caught him playing in the sprinkler again but it's not very warm yet as it still is spring.

    She had the points for the collection helper which I got her a while ago. She almost has every insect but she didn't have the Silver Spotted Skipper which I just found today. She needs two will o' wisps, a Red Assassin Beetle, and a few more fire flies.

    The kitchen is hard to take a photo in but anyway, Christopher aged up to Adult today. This means that he and Brittany better get a move on as time is running out.

    Poor Dave. First, he got scared when Brittany transformed then he tried to get cake and Ian transformed, scaring him again. Dave ended up peeing his pants.

    The best way to eat cake, according to Brittany in her werewolf form. She wouldn't behave this way as a human. Christopher just wants to talk about baseball.

    ***A wedding will take place over their weekend, I hope it doesn't rain but if it does, it's not stopping them. Then, Brittany will start the business career shortly after.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 1,293 Member
    Update of The Ultimate Sim Challenge

    First, I didn't get much playing done in Sunset Valley as Brittany spent too much time hunting today. Before posting the pictures, here is a quick rundown of what she still needs to collect on insects.

    1. Honeypot Ant
    2. Firefly Carelus
    3. Green will o' wisp
    4. Blue will o' wisp
    5. Firefly Ruber

    I know which towns all these came with so I'm not worried about them until I get to those towns. Anyway, on with the update.

    Saturday came and with it, so did Christopher and Brittany's wedding day. The two relaxed by the pool while waiting for 10 am.

    I have to admit, I didn't take time to find a wedding dress but her formal wear looks nice anyway so I just used that. When she has to marry more than once, I'm not worried about it. Also, Bella looks weird here but I changed her up a bit afterwards, she looks a bit better now.

    I also just set the wedding up in the backyard so I didn't do a great job decorating but it served it's purpose. We have Ian Bowler, Bella Bachelor, Michael Bachelor, and I forget the lady in the last chair. Holly (Alto) Bachelor showed up invisible so I just reset her.

    This side we have Xander Clavell, Connor Frio, and I believe Stiles McGraw.

    Exchanging rings.

    The first kiss as a married couple. Congratulations Christopher and Brittany Steel!!

    Apparently routing issues caused Brittany to be late to the cake cutting. Christopher did it all himself. Thornton and Agnes arrived too late.

    We have a dirty roommate and a puddle on the floor just to show how messy Ian and Dave are. I cleaned them both up afterwards.

    No words are needed at this private moment between a married couple, lol. But I will say, no she is not pregnant yet as I don't want it to mess up her career yet.

    In the afternoon, Brittany played with the sprinkler while waiting on Christopher to finish up what I had him do. He is a pretty decent husband and doesn't complain about anything.

    This is Brittany in her business career clothes. I didn't change them as she will get her business attire after her promotion anyway. This was just to see what she will wear, her job doesn't start until the next day.

    I sent her to China to look for the Red Assassin Beetle. This is actually the second one she found. Now she only needs five insects, thank goodness.

    So that is today's update. She still needs a child, reach level 10 of the business career, and reach the top of the bookstore job before she can leave Sunset Valley.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 1,293 Member

    First day of the business career. I love this career as it is so easy to maintain. Since Brittany has the transmogrify app, she is already best friends with her coworkers.

    Elijah Ash wanted a picture of Christopher who happily obliged.

    Christopher had a pretty decent day off while his new wife was working. He talked to Elijah for awhile.

    Elder picture of Gunther Goth. I'm glad I took it as I got a notification he died a sim hour later.

    Brittany got promoted to level 5 today. Between being best-friends with her coworkers, the ambitious trait, and power working, she will fly through this career.

    Since this update was a short one, I am combining two.

    Christopher got an invitation to a party and when he got there, Dave Ramsey was also there so the two played chess.

    Brittany showed up after work and met with some people she didn't know, including Jamie Jolina.

    I caught Connor Frio and Ayesha Ansari slow dancing together. Connor kept stepping on her toes.

    Dorothy Demayo kept driving me crazy as she wouldn't age up correctly. A quick testingcheats took care of that and she aged up on the Steel's front porch.

    Brittany headed to work in her brand new outfit. I think it looks good on her.

    I got this idea from Llandros (challenge creator) to have a small garden in the third floor of this house. Here Christopher grows the ingredients for potent invigorating potions.

    I caught the maid standing in the sink while brushing her teeth. That's two strikes, lady! After that, she's getting fired lol

    Brittany got another promotion today. She is now at level 6 in this picture.

    Might as well say it. Shortly after this photo was taken, Brittany got pregnant with her first child. Take a guess on the gender and we'll see who guesses correctly.

    ***You can guess the gender if you want to, but since these are older updates, the baby is an elder in my current part of the challenge. I will post the gender reveal updates tomorrow morning.
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