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Surlybadger's *Amondra* Showcase

surlybadgersurlybadger Posts: 111 Member
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The second comment here is going to be my Backdrop Home Re-creation houses. A little project I started to help me better work on my building skills. I am slowly, getting braver and trying to re-create some of the bigger houses with more angles and such. The third comment thread will be my custom builds.

A little insight before you browse. I am very new to building and very much option to tips and advice to further my building! So please don't feel like you can't offer up some of your know-how to help me along.

As a personal aesthetic, I guess, I am not overly fond of what I consider "cluttered" houses, so often my builds will not have the home saturated in decoration.

I am trying to slowly break away from the "block" house look but baby steps, lol. Also not being so worked up about everything having to be symmetrical. Not to mention this weird thing I have about putting trees in the corners of lots :D

But all that aside I hope you all enjoy and thank you for even stopping by just to look in on this crazy little adventure I'm on.

:star: : ALL MY CONTENT IS CC FREE :star:


NOTE: While move cheat is on for my builds it is always done for landscaping and sometimes placing a decoration or two, everything in the home should be reachable without issues just be careful when moving decorations!

Link to my Gallery: https://www.ea.com/en-au/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/browse?searchtype=ea_origin_id&time=all&category=all&searchquery=Amondra&sortby=downloads&max=50&maxis=false
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