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it's been quite a while since i had my sims dance , becuz their dancing was just too absurd . so i recently did the Dance Socialization --- the sims have some really cute fun dance moves now !


  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    the dance moves came with the party update in 2016 and then like September they put it into the main dance interaction.
  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 114 Member
    allowing them for the main dance interaction was a groovy move on EA's part ! :D
  • GodivaDayGodivaDay Posts: 10 New Member
    Why can't the DJ's wear something better? Can't we choose and outfit for them to wear? And why show different career outfit choices in your closet if your Sims is only gonna wear the same boring grey shirt and pants for the barista, purple shirt and vest at the night club, and black scrubs at the spa??? Create a career closet and allow us to choose an outfit.
  • Alex1510764Alex1510764 Posts: 2 New Member
    How do I add neighbours?
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