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I need help finding some decades CC in the following pictures. 😊

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It goes from 1910 to 2010 (left to right) and then the one all the way to the right is 2018.

(I'll delete the ones that people have helped with already so it doesn't get confusing)

I need help finding the following pieces of CC:


1990s: hair

2000s: pants


1950s: dress

1980s: dress

2000s: earrings


1920s: headband

1940s: shirt

1960s: dress

1970s: shirt and shorts

1990s: pants


1970s: necklace

2000s: dress and earrings


1920s: swimsuit (may be a shirt and shorts, not a one piece)

1970s: sunglasses and swimsuit

1990s: swimsuit

Thank you for any help you can give to me!
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